Tuesday, December 8, 2015

some mail and sewing

A couple of weeks ago, on a visit to my LQS I bought this pattern for a pop up tidy.The pattern contains the elastic, the tag and the spring so all I had to do was follow the instructions. I read through them and decided it was a job for another day.Well Sat last week was that day. I followed the instructions to the letter and...... slowly taking out all the safety pins keeping the spring in place,

.... it came out looking like this. Very happy with it and I managed to use some fabric that I got this time last year(Thank you Karin)

Unfortunately my camera likes to change the orientation of some of my photos.. not sure why but here are all the stitcheries for my little creatures quilt. Decided that grandbaby can have it as a wall hanging rather than a floor quilt.Just need to get the surrounding fabrics.

These little"friendship" bags are going to a very special mother and sister on Thursday along with a rather beautiful glass hummingbird that of course I forgot to photograph. It came all the way from the US so hope it gets to it's next destination intact. The place I got it from was www.glassroses.us.

Yesterday I got a lovely surprise from the ever generous and gorgeous Michelle from Rag Tag Stitchin. Love it all thanks Michelle.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thank You Day

Today is the inaugural Thank You day for all those that gave the gift of life through organ donation.20 months ago our DD2 was the recipient of one of those gifts so from the bottom of my heart I'd like to say THANK YOU for thinking of others in your time of pain and grief. Your gift will never be forgotten
Our lives are going to change again in a few months when DD1 makes us grandparents. This is the quilt I have made for our grandbaby. Thanks to Leanne who so beautifully and kindly drew quilting lines on all the blocks so I could quilt it myself.

This is the back. Each block has one of 3 backgrounds... don't you love the giraffes?

This is a blanket of love that was the scrappy ends from a tube quilt that I made . I also got another one out of the leftover blocks so 3 quilts out of  24 strips of fabric (plus borders) isn't bad. Missouri Star quilt company has the tube quilt youtube clip.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Once again I have been busy..

I have finally got DD1 and SIL's wedding quilt quilted and bound and they now have it and can read all the messages that people wrote for them on their wedding day. Luckily they have been away on a long honeymoon so that gave me plenty of time. I am super happy with the way it has turned out and hope they like it.

This is one that the Groomsmaid drew for them. (I backed it with red so I think that is why it has a slight pink tinge)

One butterfly for DS1

DD1 is expecting and two weeks after that announcement came the announcement of a cousin having a baby so.... this is the quilt I have made for that baby( got some of the fabric in Brissy with Michelle). I just love this and am actually looking forward to quilting it. Know what I want to do so just need the get up and go to baste it and then get cracking!

Babies galore... my osteopath is also expecting so I got this cot panel and practiced FMQ. Love doing this as all the lines are already there.I have another baby quilt( apart from the one for my grandbaby) to do, as another of DD1's cousins is going to be a dad in May.

Yesterday I sat and made 8 bibs out of a towel I got very cheaply. Need to put the ribbing on the rectangular ones and velcro on a couple of the others but they are okay. Not doing this again though! Preferred the one like the ducky one.

This is a gift that was sent to me by someone who gave our family the ultimate gift in April last year.We share a special bond not only for that gift but in our shared loss. Thank you is inadequate.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kilmore Quilt show

This last weekend was Kilmore's quilt show. Here is my AHHH quilt finished and hanging. Was so happy with it but after quilting it I discovered I had left 3 papers in the EPP hexies!!!! AHHHHHH I had removed about 7 as I found them but those other pesky ones slipped through the net.

I also entered my "Thankful" quilt which I just love.

Rosalie's crazy quilt which shh, she doesn't want to say anything ... but she got second in the viewer's choice. Congratulations Rosalie. It is a stunning quilt. The red quilt is a half size version of Just takes two.

This was a tribute to a very special Nanna. Love the whole thing and I'm sure the Nanna in question would have been very happy with this.Can't remember whose quilt it was.

This is the label on the back and it is one of "Nanna's" Doilies. How special.

Saw Dianne making this at retreat and don't those flying geese borders add so much to it.

Bali wedding ring ... think this won a viewer's choice but not sure. The colours are so subtle and beautiful. The work that went into this... mind blowing.

Just because...

and just because.
The show was a great success and I enjoyed seeing (4 of) my quilts hanging up and seeing the wide variety of quilts. I'm sure the Kilmore Quilter's website will have lots more pics.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sunny Brisbane

Last week was spent up in sunny Queensland.... and yes it was hot! Here is my acclimatised daughter saying it was "warm" and wearing a jacket!. She is working up there and loving the independence and the weather.

I also got to see her do some of this...

.. and this. Love those extensions. This is something that 18 months ago wouldn't have been possible but she just loves it. The teacher did ask if I was likely to attend a class(as a participant) Not on your life. The bruises that DD2 has following this are unbelievable so I will give it a miss.

I was also very lucky to catch up with Michelle from Rag Tag stitching. She took me to The Quilters' and Embroiders' store where I picked up the green and apricot fabric for a baby quilt that will be needed in April for a niece's baby and some threadworx thread which will help embroider some butterflies on a quilt for a grandbaby that will appear in March. Rosalie and I also wanted one of Michelle's new books so rather than have them posted I picked them up from the designer in person. I was also given a little bag of goodies. Thank you Michelle, it was a great morning, the shopping was good , the coffee and apple tart scrumptious and the company wonderful. I actually had my camera but bad blogger that I am I forgot all about it. Next time.... ( probably June as it will be cooler!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Miss Elizabeth is finished.

Finally Miss Elizabeth is
 done. I am thrilled with the way it looks... the picture doesn't really do it justice. Maybe I should have hung it on the washing line.... I have the backing fabric and will take it to my friendly quilter when I have asked her when she can fit it in. Unfortunately the photo doesn't show the best fussy cut star (at the top) but when it is quilted I will post another( better) photo.

Linking with Hibiscus stitches again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another border goes on

On Sunday I decided enough was enough. .. I had to get the next bit of Miss Elizabeth done. This is border 3 with all the elongated hexies. They are supposed to be sewn on by hand but due to a very sore arm and shoulder( as well as being impatient) I decide it would be much easier to sew them on the machine. The quilt police can take a day off as my arm and shoulder said a big thank you for not being over used. Am loving the way it is looking.

I have been very careful at measuring my borders and in the pattern it clearly says that , as the pattern writer had used smaller hexies, one less would be needed. Hmmmm well I actually needed two less so the sides went from 23 to 22 to 21 and the top/bottom from 18 to 17 to 16. Of course I thought I had done 78 of them, realised I had done 80 and then only needed 74. The same has happened with the stars for border 5. I have made 33 of them .. I need 32 but as my quilt is coming out much smaller I may only need ??28. Just in case you were wondering, yes I can count but the ability obviously left me when I was preparing these last two border! Off now to put on the thin blue border and then will measure to see how many stars I can actually fit!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

What do you do....

...when waiting to farewell a traveller. The answer of course is sew.

Thanks to Jo and her wonderful ideas, I have made 7 of the foot slider grippy thingies and two little pouches. I actually only did 6 of the grippy things today but thought I might as well put everything in the picture.The pouches are easy if a little fiddly. I have used my grippy thing and it WORKS! No more looking for the foot pedal when sewing. I am in Heaven.

As I said I needed to keep myself occupied this morning as DS2 left about half an hour ago on his way to Lyon ,France, via Singapore and Zurich, to continue his studies for the next 12 months. Along with his GF , his Dad and I took him to the airport and bid (on my part ) a teary farewell. The endless waiting and queuing was a bit fraught but he got through to Passport control with plenty of time. Having had DD2 leave for Brisbane 5 weeks ago we are now empty nesters and it will take a bit of getting used to but I am sure it won't take long.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Slow progress with Miss Elizabeth

I have been a bit slack with Miss Elizabeth but I have managed to get the 28 x 1/2" hexies that go between the stars on the outer border. I tried fussy cutting but it wasn't as successful as I had hoped... ah well.I also did some more elongated hexies. I have all the papers but need the scraps so I need to go foraging in all the bags etc.

Three stars that fit around the last border. Don't think I will fussy cut all of them but I will do some.

I also managed to get all the blocks for DD1 and SIL's wedding quilt so I have put them together. I still managed to get two in the wrong direction( the cream has self lines on the material and I wanted them all to go horizontally) It is looking good so a thin black border, some half square triangle blocks with red to make another border and then black binding. Think I may get it finished by Christmas!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ahhhh.... it's all coming together

Two more AHHHH's to hopefully complete the next quilt top. Thanks Kris for both ideas. I am not very imaginative.

I have been working on the second top and after what I thought was the last row , I decided I needed another row to balance it. This meant 8 more hexies so that is why the others were made. Did that row and have now decided that it doesn't look finished so I am going to complete the "stars" around each block and then fill in the gaps with the border. Hope that this will look okay and I will then be able to say FINISHED!

Sorry about the side on view of the next pictures. This was a freebie stitching pattern from the Fabric frolic held in January. I finished this...

...and this one. They are both now quilted and ready to be sent to Blankets of Love. The designs are by Liz Stanway and I hope to show her what I have done if I can persuade DH to go for a road trip to Patchwork Tea House on Friday. Liz also designed "Ribbit" which is also done and ready to be given to DS1's best buddy's baby. Charlotte Rose arrived on Monday so next week I hope to meet her.

Practicing FMQ on a panel..Really happy with it and this will be given to DD2' s nursing supervisor. DD2 has relocated to the sunny state so I have to pass this on.

While sitting with Jo at Jeff's shed on Sunday I worked on the bees block of the "Little Creatures" quilt ( also Liz Stanway) Glad to say it is finished and I can start on the next one. 3 down 8 to go.So happy that the spider is a friendly looking one!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Here are some more elongated hexies for one of the borders of Miss Elizabeth.

The centre with two borders put on. Getting there slowly.
Life is fraught with major curve balls at the moment so not going to say much else. Have a good week and I am linking with Anthea at Hibiscus stitches.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A finish

Last night I put the finishing touches to the binding on "Ribbit". I am happy with the way it has turned out. I cross hatched the squares and ditch stitched the embroideries. I also did my signature butterflies on the two rectangles that border the small embroideries so 3 in total. As this is being given to "Bump 2.0" for DS1's best buddy it is fitting that it has butterflies on it. Bump is due to arrive on July 27th so I can breathe easy as the quilt is done. Soon I will be able to make a start on "Honey Drippers" by Liz Stanway.... can't wait but I still have some other projects to finish. Oh for more hours in the day and more mojo to use those hours!
Happy Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

EPP progress

Well the wedding is over and I can move on to other things. I did actually manage these blocks last week. They fit in the corners of Miss Elizabeth on maybe border 2. Happy with the fussy cutting but not sure that all the stars will be done like this.

These are the blocks for DD1 and SIL that people at their wedding signed.The majority of messages brought tears to my eyes so everyone did the right thing. Some are funny ( Don't blink... Dr Who ) but most are sincere so I now have to put this together... although I still need some blocks sent back to me. My flowers, DH and DS2 buttonholes with the place card butterfly that was mine. If you want to see photos of the wedding see previous post. Otherwise I am linking with Anthea at Hibiscus stitches for her EPP party.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mr and Mrs

All pulled in and ready to go watched by soon to be niece flower girls.. butterfly in hair,

Proud Mum and Dad....

Officially Mr and Mrs and so my family now includes a son in law.

The happy couple..

 The cake .. made so beautifully by Jodie, www.sweettemptationscakescupcakes.com . Tasted every bit as good as I knew it would ...and

a kiss after cutting the cake.You can just see the lace butterfly on her dress.

My beautiful DD1 married the man of her dreams on Sunday and the whole day was wonderful. Bitter sweet that our DS1 was watching from Heaven instead of the front row but the sun shone, laughter abounded and tears flowed but it was just a happy day. As you can see there was a theme of butterflies which "flew" everywhere. DD1 made her dress and the coat that she was wearing was the one she had on the day her man first met her so it was very special. I think it makes her dress go from beautiful to stunning.
The reception followed at Rivers of Yarrambat... food delicious and a great time had by all. 
I wish them a long , happy and healthy life together.