Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christopher James Kenny

In the early hours of Sunday morning my beautiful boy ,Christopher, fell asleep and forgot to wake up. He was an incredible young man who loved life, lived it to the full, had a great thirst for knowledge and a longing for adventure. This was achieved in February when he moved to Canberra to take part in a Graduate Programme with the Dept of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. At the request of his fellow graduates in the programme he will be graduating with them on Friday.

He cheated death many times but on Sunday it was the other way around and his Glycogen Storage Disease won. He faced many adversities with aplomb,a great smile and a wicked sense of humour. Everyone who knew him loved him and to him no-one was a stranger just a new friend to be made.

He will be missed by many, many people and forgotten by none.

Spread your angel wings my beautiful boy and fly! I love you, miss you and forever there will be a Christopher sized hole in my heart.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ahhh hexies

Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks has been posting some AHH hexies and thanks to Melody I have been sewing them. When Tonya said that the next one would have 96 pieces I decided this was one I definitely was NOT going to do... and then I saw it. It is beautiful and hers looks like a snowflake. Mine is more stars but I love them all so here is a photo of nos 1-5. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

This is Cubby, a small mohair Bear I made lots of years ago,he is 29cm( 11 1/2 1n). Like Ratty and Mole in "The Wind in the Willows" Cubby likes to mess around with boats, so if the weather is kind, he would love a riverbank or even a seaside picnic, he is happy to pack his blue box with treats and share his toys with other friends at the picnic. go along to Melody's Blog to see who is joining Cubby at the picnic.
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