Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A gift for a very special person

 This is the quilt that I made for my boss. She has a significant birthday this year so that was the original reason for making her this. She has been incredibly supportive of me through the 14 years I have worked for her but the last 18 months in particular so when I saw this in a book I set to and made it.
 A close up of the block(looks like halfway between each block) and quilting by Leanne who always does a wonderful job. I managed to get all the blocks (colour) out of a layer cake with only 4 extra centre blocks. I have used some of the left overs in an AHHH.Think it's in a previous post. Unfortunately the richness of the fabrics got a bit lost by cutting them down. It was supposed to be a scrappy quilt. Anyway I gave it to her a few weeks ago... she was speechless (I got a card saying thanks 2 weeks later) and her 12 year old daughter has requested that she is left the quilt in Mum's will!
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