Sunday, January 24, 2016

More stitching

This is the red fabric for the one block wonder and...

... here are some of the blocks. They don't "pop" as much as I would like but I think it will work. After a little discussion with friends I think I will add black triangles and make it up similar to the one in the previous post. It has some black in there and I think that will suit.

I worked hard on Thursday and quilted this for DH's nephew who is going to be a dad in May. I had another quilt made but wasn't sure about it and when I saw this I breathed again and knew this was right. I practiced my FMQ and thanks for the advice (Kris) I managed to quilt the border like.....

....this. Kris mentioned just sewing 6's joined together. These are upside down as I went from top right all the way around so the ones on the down side do look more like 6's. I do love doing panels as all the lines are there for you and you decide how much or little you want to quilt. Realised when I thought it was finished that I had forgotten the tail and body of the lion.( I had done the end of the tail thinking it was part of the monkey. That's what happens when you work upside down!!) I did do it. Once I have shown this to Kris I will be posting it off.

Having bared my soul to a grief counsellor on Wednesday I decided as I was so close to Spotlight I would just have a little look. Was actually looking for something else but this fabric whispered very subtly in my ear"Buy me, buy me" so I did. My excuse was maybe I could make a one block wonder for DS2 GF who turns 21 in November. It may become a OBW but think it might just have to live with me! I can do another one for E.

Friday saw me meeting up (at my place) with Marina, her mum Claire, Karin and Rosalie for a few hours of retail therapy and sewing. I think we mostly chatted but that's what sewing days are for aren't they? We visited the LQS in Eltham which was new to M,C and K and I think I spent the most but I got what I had been looking for in Spotlight so...., then back home , lunch and some sewing while chatting over tea and coffee. Really lovely day girls and can't wait for the next holidays when we can do it again.

Monday, January 18, 2016

One block wonder done.

So after a few days of sewing a row at a time together, so saving the arm and back from "soreness", I put the finishing touches to this quilt on Saturday.I am really pleased with the way it has turned out.... the cream and rust fabric were left overs from other quilts but matched the main fabric perfectly so it has been totally made with fabrics from the stash. I had bought 3 lots of fabric for the class with Karin and Annika so that was just waiting to be made. I also used every hexie that I made.

I cut out the red fabric for another one yesterday so stayed tuned... they are all ready orientated and ready to sew but I really really have to set my mind to quilting a cot panel. I changed my mind about making a baby quilt for DH's relative and as Spotlight had cot panels on special I decided on that instead. Much happier with the decision as being in the sunny state maybe a quilt wouldn't be too appreciated.

Keep cool all those in Victoria, this heatwave has to come to an end.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Control freak? Me...

.... well I didn't think I was but in recent years I have come to accept that I am. Friday was my sister-in-law's 60th birthday. After many attempts at getting one of my other 6 sisters-in-law to say what was happening for said birthday and getting no response, I took it upon myself to get the above quilt to my wonderfully patient quilter. Leanne had it quilted by last monday and so I was able to give it to SIL on Friday. Mind you I had to take off the label and resew it in a different corner( the gum leaf pattern would have gone sideways otherwise and that was beyond my powers of "it will be okay") This is one I made in 2014 called "Vice Versa" all patterns off the internet.

I spent the week after New Year quilting this little quilt and when "Ziggy" is born to DH's niece it can find another home.

Having made one quilt for a 60th birthday I figure that I probably need to make the rest of the sisters-in-law one so I dug in the stash and found this to make some "One Block Wonder" blocks. They don't pop as much as I would have liked but I am stealing an idea for putting them together and have one row done....

.. here is the first lot put together. Again the stash came in handy. This needs to be ready for June 2017 so plenty of time. You may think I have another 6 quilts to make but no, two of my SIL have already got ones , unfortunately to remember someone special that they lost. I have plans for the other ones and I have 8 years before the last one turns 60 so I am getting organised. This is the control freak in me rearing it's head.

As this is my first post for the year..
Happy 2016. May it be a happy and healthy one for us all.