Sunday, January 26, 2014

Destination Teahouse

Friday saw Karin and I heading off to The Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton. Melissa Grant of One Day in May designs was going to be there and I wanted to show her my version of her "Thankful" that I had done as a BOM from the Teahouse. It is now very proudly on display in my front entrance hall and Melissa, Marilyn and Liz Stanway were all happy to see the finished product. As a "reward " I was allowed to pick another of Melissa's patterns so came away with her pattern for fabric boxes.

This is another "Blanket of Love" that I have finished.

Yet another one, thanks to my swap partners in QBSA. I have quilted them both with butterflies as they are a symbol of departed souls being in a different form.

Finally "My Town" is quilted and ready to be given away (in April) . Despite a few miscalculations I am very happy with the end result.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sometimes the Scrooge in me...

... takes over. DD2 is making a quilt for a friend who is getting married. The blocks are cut, corners sewn and trimmed which leaves...
 these half square triangles. I spent half an hour or so chain stitching 320 of these together in the hopes that I will get a few of...
... these. Maybe they will become a "Blanket of Love" with a few other patches.
 " Maisie and the Boys" Marina has got me hooked on these little houses. This is the label for "My Town" quilt which is all finished. Stay tuned that will be shown in a few days. As it has been so hot today ( past two days 41 degrees and more of this to come... yuk) I have sewn 3 more of these little babies.
 Twin no 1 quilt( this is so soothing to look at, not sure I want to give it away) Thanks to Lois for the pattern and Rosalie for telling me about it.
 Twin no 2 quilt. Very quick and easy and the bunnies are so cute, especially the one that is fast asleep. Now all I have to do is quilt them. Luckily I have until May, when they are due, to get them done.
 Thanks to a lot of 12" and 6" swap partners here is the first of my 2014 Blankets of Love. I really enjoyed quilting the butterflies on the big blocks. These blankets are very good practice for free motion quilting.
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

63 buttons later

 Today I have been sewing buttons on these blocks and so 63 buttons later...the school house complete with cat...
 the florist shop... those roses were a pain but they look good...
 my centre block which I changed and if you look closely you can see some of my attempted free motion quilting. I am actually really happy with it. Progress is being made...
 .. and why this happens with my camera I do not know. Red Brolly pattern for the tea house. Again the cup cake buttons were a bit hard to sew on.. (turn the computer on it's head!)

This is the 2011 BOM from Homespun that I started and was going to finish for DD2's friend. I have made her sister and brother a quilt for their 21st birthdays so I guess L is expecting one. Thought I'd be clever and do it for her 19th birthday (in 2012) then I thought well I could do it for her 20th birthday (in 2013). As can be seen it WILL be done by her 21st in April 2014. I have made it using the modular quilting method that I learnt in "Mocha"quilt by Deb Layt. Very clever and so much easier to quilt.

The original quilt I think was donated to Starlight Foundation or raised money for Starlight and as DD2 and DS1 both got wished through Starlight I had to make it. I am aiming to have it sewn together and bound by the end of January and then I can start quilts for the twins that our niece is expecting
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