Wednesday, September 19, 2012

mystery challenge

Another of Tonya's AHHH 's. I really like this one but the previous one and the latest I think might defeat me. Don't know if this is the correct placing of the colours but hey, it's mine and I like it.

A selection of the notepad covers that I have made in the last few weeks. I found this  at and they are going to be a thank you to the people who have been treating me the past 6 weeks. Thanks to Anorina for coming up with the idea and posting a tutorial. I'm going to make some for a trade table at  a sewing group I attend.

In February I along with a few other quilters started a challenge. Each month we were given a theme and we had to add a round. The starting point was something you love. The butterfly is in memory of my beautiful Christopher. That set the tone and along with circles, diamonds, journey, birds and thank goodness it's finished I managed to keep to my family theme. It's a bit hard to see but there are lots of butterflies in the final border as well. Michelle's button has gone in the second last round with the saying " To our children we give two things, one is roots the other is wings." I gave both to Christopher so this is for him.