Monday, September 24, 2018

And another one bites the dust

Whirly gig by Emma Jean Jansen. Scraps for the whirly gigs and border. Love the way it's turned out.

Feathers... think I get them.This is the swirls that thought for itself so I added a butterfly as I do!

More feathers...

... some swirls and wishbones. Do love the latter. I managed to do all but one of the swirls in the direction I had planned but one just had to be different and went it's own way. (see above)Ah well a design variation. Wrangled this through my Janome 6600 , it's now done and tomorrow is being given to DD1's maid of honour. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Been busy

My poor little Janome was making some very funny noises and not sewing so well..... after a good clean, taking out the compacted fluff it was a much happier little machine. I know, I hang my head in shame and vow to clean both machines more often.

Had a class in Wandong and this was the result.Looks more complicated than it is and thanks to Annika for starting this ball rolling. She made a couple at retreat and we all loved them so jumped on the bandwagon.

This really is so easy and while these don't look as stuning I think they still work and they use up some more of my fabric. The very pink one will go to IQ once it's quilted.These were made over the weekend, just need a couple of small borders.

I have also been prctising my fmq on a baby quilt for DH's nephew and his wife who expect baby no 3 in Nov. Loving how it's turning out. I was 4 inches from finishing one border last night when we lost power so I sewed in a few thread ends by candle and torchlight. Not easy , those pioneer women were amazing. Off to finish the last two borders on the baby quilt and then I can start on another... a niece is expecting in Feb. Plenty of time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Brisbane catch up

I have been practicing my FMQ on some items for In2quilting and this is a selection. Managed to get them all finished before flying off to some sunshine.... Qld and my DD2

Caught up with the lovely Michelle of Ragtagstitching... visit her blog if you want to see our smiling faces over a delicious Devonshire tea.Michelle took me to a huge warehouse full of fabrics and these few items whispered gently in my ear" buy me buy me"so I did. I am sure that the baby fabric will come in handy eventually.

Also treated myself to a magazine... withdrawal symptoms as I didn't get to stitch while I was away.

Think I gave a sneak peak) at this a while ago. I got this panel from Shabby Fabrics ( well I got 2 actually,hmm wonder why?)and mad it into a quilt for DD2. gave it to her as she was getting a 3 seater and 1 seater ( call it a chair) couch delivered while we were there. This was for her to curl under when she was in her chair. She loved it and it wasn't something she was expecting. 

Hope you can see some of the feathers that I quilted. Mine is under the machine for when I get some time to quilt it.

Had a wonderful time with all the folks I caught up with and thanks to Jetstar we actually got another 24 hours in the Sunshine state. Yes our flight was cancelled two hours prior to departure and the next available was the next evening. Good job we were at private accomodation, but I had to cancel work!

Monday, July 30, 2018

quilt show

Thursday saw me at the quilt show.... did I look at the quilts? No. Did I spend too much money? Yes. Here are my purchases. Needles ( could have bought cheaper at the LQS) Bobbin keepers ( could have bought cheaper at LQS)new rotary cutter , bit kinder to the hands, two patterns that I didn't need but hey , a quilting template ( already used) some spool nets ( lost the packet I bought about a month ago) do you see a pattern, and a Dream Big Hoffman panel. The last was extravagant but they are so beautiful, Look them up and you will see what I mean. Ran into lots of people that I hadn't seen for ages as well which was a bonus.

The real reason I went was because in Oct last year I visited QLD and went to their show. At Patchworks Unlimited stall I saw a pattern that I had bought ages ago and lost. On telling the girls, they just gave me a replacement. I told them that if I found the original I would return it. Well......... two weeks ago I found the original and so I returned the unused replacement one to Patchworks Unlimited. Lovely that they did what they did but I'm glad to have returned the other. Also found out on Sunday that there is to be another grandniece or nephew so as this pattern was for a baby quilt it's been found just in time.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Angela Walters FMQ challenge

I took this quilt to retreat in May to get the top ready, only to discover that I had cut the triangles around the squares incorrectly. If I'd used them the way they were... 15 of the coloured squares would have gone one way and one the other. This has been made using scraps so the triangles were cut from the backing of my candlewicked quilt, which is a tone on tone. I knew I had used every last bit so no more could be cut. The only solution was to flip them so the back became the front and vice versa. I'm an idiot but it's not that noticeable. This is the quilt used in Angela Walter's free motion quilt challenge so I dutifully quilted each block as she showed on the you tube videos.

This square is my favourite.... paisley meanders in half and straight(cough) in the other half. I also did feathers around these blocks.., so two rows with feathers and two with again straight(cough) lines or dot to dot.

Another close up of some of the blocks. Overall I am pretty chuffed with myself and the quilting, feel much more confident to tackle FMQ now. The recipient of this doesn't quilt and hopefully will love it. Now to tackle the next butterfly quilt and the list goes on.

Monday, July 2, 2018

I have been sewing just not blogging!

So Razz a dazzle for I think May.

Playing with the Westerlee rulers. One Christmas gift done and dusted.

Border of a quilt that I want to leave in suspense. This is the border, FMQ by me, as well as the rulers in the flowers ( hard to see I know). The border next to that has a feather.

The back and I have been following a FMQ challenge of Angela Walters for feathers. This is my attempt on the above quilt and I am really happy.I did do some on the bigger borders as well and they are ok. They did improve when I realised that the globe connection on my machine was dodgy.. no wonder I couldn't see! Twiddle with a screwdriver to open the casing and WOW my light was back!
When this has been given away I will reveal the full quilt.

Monday, April 16, 2018

A special moment

On Saturday amid gale force winds and rain pelting down, this lovely young couple became Mr and Mrs. Our DD2 , who has known the bride since prep ,was a bridesmaid and we were lucky to be invited to the wedding as well. This is at the reception. A wonderful night and it was so nice to have DD2 down from sunny Qld. Yes she froze! Way back when I think I put a photo of the tulip quilt that I made ( Very fluoro pink border) anyway this is the couple who were given that one as a wedding gift.
Congratulations to the happy couple