Monday, February 19, 2018

Love cot panels

Favourite from Spotlight that I made for DD2's boss. She Loved it.

Got creative on the lion's tail...

...butterflies have to fly around and I did a bit of free motion in the border,not perfect but I think I am improving.

Bought this one first from GJ's , added the wide orange to make it a better width. This was so easy to quilt around all the animals , and I did one butterfly up the top.

This is using the Westerlee templates and ruler foot. FUN.Given away to a little girl battling cancer.

Friday, January 26, 2018

I've been playing...

... and so has blogger. Agh this is not how I wanted these photos but here goes. A couple of Fridays ago I was "gifted" this pattern , Tiny Treasures by Anni Downs. Loved it so much I quickly made one out of scraps and I just love it.

Then of course when you love it so much what do you do? Make another one of course.Both made out of scraps and I have enough for a backing and the wadding to quilt the blue one so... A friend of DS 1 is going to be  a dad for the third time in March and I have given the other two a quilt so one of these will go to baby no 3. Don't love the pinky one as much as the blue one but I just love blue so what can I say. It still hasn't made a dent in the scraps though!

 Last Friday I started Razz a dazzle by Helen Stubbings. It's a block of the month so this is block one. I am using my own fabrics ( gotta get through that stash somehow) and I am very happy with this months choice. Enjoying this so far.
As I said I've been playing...with the Westerlee rulers.  This was a kit given to me three years ago and has been languishing in the cupboard waiting to be quilted for about that long. Always late to get on the bandwagon , I decided that as I had money for Christmas I could buy the foot and rulers and maybe quilt some of my quilts. Pretty happy with the result and I think with a lot of practise I could manage small quilts.

Close up of one of the's a bit hard to see but it is a full wreath, and I think I may end up putting a button in each centre as I didn't quite get it right. Still this is now ready for the binding and I can say DONE!
Hope everyone is keeping cool this Australia Day.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Holiday stitching

I have had almost 3 weeks off work and I hit the sewing machine hard! These are the Dec and Jan Dear Jane blocks. I have done all 12 that were set but the other 5 have been blogged about before.

While my DGS was in utero I saw a quilt made by Karen Martin of Mrs Martin's quilt shop fame and I told her I was stealing the idea. This is a year in the life of said GS. I wrote on it, his Nan and Pop did and his mum put in bits. Finally I got all the blocks together and hope to quilt it ( in the ditch) by the time he turns two in March.

His hand and foot size at 1 year old, takes a block each....

His hand and foot size at 20 days old, which both fitted on one 6.5 x4.5 in block. Thought when he is older and patting me on the head it will be interesting to see how tiny his feet and hands were.

I finally put Perpetually hexie together. So very happy with it but oh my goodness it is HUGE. That is draped over a two seater couch.

Christmas lunch and I tried to get into the spirit by putting a runner on the table, made many years ago, and the candle was lit for my DS1 who was watching over us and the angel was lit for DD2's donor who I am sure was watching over her family as well.

I treated myself after Christmas to a mandala colouring book. Slowly I am filling in this one. It is very relaxing but I will never be an artist.... this is my form of art, just keep it between the lines. Even had to buy a pencil sharpener as I seem to have misplaced the one I had at school ( it is in the house somewhere)and the pencils kept getting blunt.. 

And this is the book, best $5.00 spent in a while.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas spent with family and/or friends and here's to a wonderful year in 2018.

Monday, December 18, 2017

It's ( sort of ) looking like Christmas

I have been very lucky to have made some great friends through blogging. much so that last week and today the postie delivered these gorgeous decorations. Elf is from Michelle and Snowman is from Shez. I also got one of Michelle's mini patterns and I think that will come in very handy for next year. Thanks you both I love them and I truly value you both as friends. My tree isn't up yet but if I can con DH it will go up soon. I wrenched my shoulder at work today so have been told no lifting.

These are my attempts , the Teddy is a Nikki Tervo design and thanks to Shez for her advice on how to go about doing this. DGS will get this one. The star was provided by the Quilt Shop in Eltham where we had a Christmas sewing day. It was wonderful, we sewed, ate and sewed some more. Thanks to Alison and Sharon for the makings for this star. So lucky that the shop is so close to home.

Many thanks to the few of you that read and comment on this little blog and may you have  a wonderful Christmas and may 2018 be a blessed , happy and healthy year.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Check this out

A few weeks ago some friends and I got together to make a start on this quilt. Block 1... 5 required ( did do some reverse sewing on the first block)

block 2... 4 required. As long as you read the instructions all was well and it went together beautifully

I wasn't going to put the borders on but in the end I caved and did so here is the finished quilt. It is HUGE, covers my queen size bed with oodles of room to spare. Very happy with it though, especially as it is actually the size it was meant to be.

Here are my Dear Jane blocks for Nov. Slowly getting through them all.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Ta Da .. drum roll please

Millefiore quilt is finished. As those who know me realise, I am vertically challenged so was having trouble holding this up to show off, so.... Chris ( I think) stepped in. There is Nancy behind holding up the other corner, just hiding!!!

I was then told to get in the photo and you can see why I needed help. Anyway it is done ( thank goodness)and I love it. Still not too sure about the top right hand corner as you look at it but it is a scrappy quilt so .....

Saturday my friend's daughter was banished from her house as her fiance was having his bucks do so as this was probably the only opportunity, I gave her their wedding quilt. Claire loved it and hopefully Chris will too. Told her the stories about it which makes it special.Thanks again to Michelle for the pattern ( and signature).

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Millefiore blocks done



12 B and now to add them to the rest and it will be complete. Well I think I am going to applique it to a border to make it square but the hard part is done. My perpetually hexie for Nov is almost done and I have started putting that together.... one HUGE quilt. Katja Marek has another couple of quilt a longs on the go and the one starting in Jan looks sooo pretty so I am very tempted. Will see how I feel in January.

A friend showed me these bags and I thought I would give it a go. It's called the sew together bag ... the outside,

... the inside...

and the zips opened. All made with scraps, just had to buy the zips. Hopefully the next one will be easier as I know what I am doing.