Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas and the new year

My beautiful family all getting into the Christmas spirit. So good to have them all with us this year. So BBQ chicken ,salad for main with Chocolate Ripple cake for dessert! After this was taken we did adjourn to the kitchen as the deck was far too hot.

First of Jan saw me embark on a BOM from Katje Marek. Here are all the pieces glued (yes glued... a new thing for me) and I did try sewing them from the back using a flat stitch, hence the clip. I found this hard on my wrists and I'm not sure I was any good at it, so reverted to whip stitch.

This is the finished wreath, it will have "jewels" in the plain corners.. jewels are 1" hexie with a 1" triangle on the top.Have to get my background fabric before I can put those on. Think this will be fun and I am ready to get back to some EPP

Jo recently made some isolette covers for the NICU in Mildura and asked people to also make some. I managed 3 successfully, two panels the same with different borders to make the size and one other panel that I had. Did some FMQ on 2. I was also "gifted" the flannelette backing from a donation made to the Eltham Quilt shop so thanks to that person for making it possible as well.

This is the bits from the panels that I had to cut off and it has made a perfect Blanket of Love. The clips at the bottom were my KK gift at the Kilmore Quilters lunch. I love them, not just for binding, but for the EPP. Great gift.

This is the panel I left unquilted(bad photo)

Many years ago I was in a 12" and 6" block swap and had these left over from Blankets of Love so with a bit of a fiddle this is also an isolette cover. I stitched down the centre with a fancy stitch which pulled the backing a little so this is a bit wonky on the bottom but I don't think the babies it covers will mind.

Been a busy start to 2017 but it's back to work on Monday so the sewing will slow down. Enjoyed what I have done and am sure much more will be done over the year.

Can anyone help this very non tech person learn how to blog from the ipad??? Not sure how to get the photos on, so any advice would be appreciated. The lap top keeps shutting down on me with an error and it takes forever to reboot!
May 2017 bring you health and happiness.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Caught on the hop...

... by this young man. Great Nana with I think no 16 great grandchild who was due on Jan 9th but arrived last weds. I had made his quilt( having bought the pattern before he was a twinkle in his parents eyes... nothing like being organised!) and all I had to do was quilt it. We babysat DGS last week so my plan was to quilt it this week.....

...after a frantic 3 or so hours on Saturday , it's done. Finished the binding on Sunday at 11 a.m and handed it over to the proud parents at 5.00 p.m. Pretty happy with the job I did on the quilting.

Some butterflies as I like to put them into as many quilts as possible. I did manage a two minute cuddle of the 7lb 3 oz bundle of joy before we left him in the adoring arms of his auntie ( the bride from last post) and his grandparents.

These are the Dec Dear Jane blocks. Most have some cream fabric, from a friend of mine who is no longer with us so that is making this a bit special.

A quick special thanks to Michelle too for my gingerbread house decoration. It will make it to the tree when I get that set up... very slack here. Thanks too, to Shez for my beautiful butterfly. I love both of these decorations.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A beautiful day

Yesterday this beautiful couple became Mr and Mrs.It was a very moving service and a truly wonderful day. 

Back of the dress, stunningly simple and elegant as we knew it would be.

My DGS with his second cousin(the bride's niece) They both scrubbed up pretty well.

DH with his sister(mother of the bride) his mum and the bride. It was a great day and so pleased to share it with such a lovely couple. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Colour run well walk

DGS got in on the act...this is the pre run shirt so nice and clean. Unfortunately after a long train ride and being faced with about 50,000 people he lost the plot so mum and dad took him home. 

DH and DD2 after the event

DD2 and me.... somehow I managed to stay relatively clean and I avoided the slime!

DH, DD2, DS2GF and DS2.. Think the colour throwers liked them latter two!

Another family shot. The son's GF loved her quilt too which was given to her on Thursday.

This is the way the colour goes on... well this was a freebie at the end. I think there was a big throw but with so many people around we all decided we needed lunch and a hot shower.

5 years ago today was the first colour run I think and we did it as a tribute to DS1 who fell asleep 5 years ago and forgot to wake up. Miss him but this was a fitting tribute as he would sooooo have done this,probably with his little sister. Thoughts go out to my friend Jo too as this day is a hard one for her as well.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thank you again

Today is the second year for saying thank you to those heroes and their families who at a time of great pain and grief give so generously to strangers.Organ donation is hard enough to do but from the mum of a recipient, once again I say THANK YOU especially to our donor family but to all those others that give.
Here are the Nov Dear Jane blocks,3 easy, 1 harder but not so hard that I couldn't manage them all in an afternoon/evening.

Enjoy the heat today and once again Thank you to all donor families.

Monday, November 14, 2016

A host of angels

I have been crocheting lots of angels and I still have more to do. I like giving Christmas ornaments to friends and these will go to friends at TCF as we all have our own angels. Pattern c/o Spotlight which I tried to download but  couldn't, then found it in a freebie on the shelf. Also tried my hand at a star and a bell but the angels win.

This is the jumper that I knitted for GS1 for next winter.Looks huge but the way he is growing it should fit

On Weds I had a lovely sewing day with a couple of sewing friends. Managed to do all the embroidery on Michele's little critters that I had traced out. Finished them off the next day. Really loved making these Michele and will probably do another couple.
 The butterfly is for DH's niece who is getting married on Dec 3rd. Those that know me , know why I am giving her a butterfly and not any other "wedding" favour.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's been a while..

So where did October go? Well on the last Sunday of Sept GS got his head wet, wearing a dress, and people took photos. The gown he is wearing is the same that his two uncles, his aunt and his mum wore when they got their heads wet. He didn't seem to mind getting his head wet and even turned his head at the wrong moment and got a faceful of water!

He was also happy wearing a dress!

Dear Jane blocks for Oct. These truly stumped me, especially the circle one, but this morning I got my head around it and worked out how to do most of it foundation pieced with a bit of applique. Happy dancing going on as they are done.

I have also drawn out 4 of these ( kookaburra, kangaroo, blue wren and the possum) so they are the next project. Thanks Michelle, I really like this pattern. I have been knitting... more hats, more squares and a jumper for next winter for the GS.