Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July block from Cathy

This is the block that arrived today from Cathy ( CrafteeCC) This is for the QuiltBlock Swap Australia and this is the 3rd month I have been a part of the swap. I love the purple as it is so vibrant. Cathy also sent some ricrac in matching colours which was a nice surprise. As you can see from the mess around the block I have some tidying up to do near my sewing table! Off to Jeff's shed tomorrow for the Quilt show and I'm writing a shopping list so I don't overspend!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

my town blocks done

Here are photos of the school house and the church from Homespun magazine My Town BOM. The church I wanted to be as close to a blue stone as possible and I like the effect I have got. Sorry that it's on the side.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A cold day for a picnic

Here are two of my burgundy bears. The larger one I made in the black tipped mohair and the small one was a gift a long time ago. It's a very cold miserable day in Melbourne so we are joining the picnic here from the comfort of inside. Hope everyone else rugs up warm for the picnic... maybe we need hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Little Tommy wants to join the Picnic today, he will bring his own little tool Box. Tommy is a Shas Bear, although only four inches high he is very heavy, he is one of my favorites, as in my working days I was a window dresser, one of my colleagues was called tommy, we were all very protective of our tools, woebetide anyone who used your tools without permission, so when I saw this little bear at a bear show I just had to have him. He brings back such happy memories.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Teddy Bear's picnic and a tip

Here are two pandas that would have liked to join in the picnic yesterday but Blogger wouldn't let me add photos. The one with the coin around it's neck I made and the other was made by my DD1 . I think they both have their own personalities showing through. It was a brisk day in Melbourne for the picnic, lucky these two guys have fur coats.

I posted about my blocks that came from Robyn and Cheryl... lovely blocks. One of Robyn's, the red had run so, having heard this tip thought I'd try it. I spread Greek natural yoghurt on the run, left it for a couple of hours and lo and behold the run has gone. As you can see from the photo, both look good to me.

On a serious note I am visiting someone I haven't seen in a long time this afternoon. We go back to Nursing Mother's so a good 24 years. Anyway, yesterday I found out that it was her son that was the soldier killed in Afghanistan recently. I'm sure we'll have a cry together as well as some hugs. Hope I can help her in some way even if it is just to cry together.