Sunday, June 30, 2013

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This is what you do when...

.. asked by the mother-in-law to make a quilt for someone who a) has been very kind to her for a long time and b) just lost her husband. Very quick and easy to make and would you believe that I gave it to  afriend to quilt at 1.30p.m on Thursday and she rang me at 4.45p.m to say it was done!! Hope that all concerned like it.The colours area  bit different in real life.
 This is Jenny's version of Hamilton Place. Her centre is amazing.. that fussy cutting paid off.
 And this is Dianne's version of the centre. She was thrilled with the way the mitres turned out.They are all looking different but all beautiful.
After this I am going to try and sign up for Bloglovin so you may or may not hear from me ever again.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Janome has been busy

 This weekend being a public holiday one' my faithful Janome sewing machine has been busy. This is the second star quilt from my blocks in the Quilt Block Swap Australia. Think this one will be donated to Nancy's Inspirational Quilts charity.
 Added the final borders to the first QBSA star quilt. Have to see about this being quilted and then I can snuggle under it on cold winter's nights! Was going to put another star fabric border but decided that would make it too big so kept it at this.
 Not a very good picture but this is my finished Hamilton Place quilt. I had so much trouble wih the mitred corners on the borders I had to visit the teacher's shop for advice. Also had to buy a few bits and pieces but hey you do what you have to do! Having been given some advice on measuring, pinning and using the 45 degree angle on the ruler ( yes I did know that) I tackled the borders this morning and yeah they worked. Very happy wth the result. Must put a piccy of a couple more of these that I took at the last Kilmore meeting.
 Also put the last border on Just Plain Nuts ( little brother of Nearly Insane) and I love this one too. DS 2 has decided that this would be a good one for his name to go on in the will!
 Just to show that I have been doing some hand sewing too........ some more AHHHH's. The top star one I hadn't quite finished in the photo but it is done now after I had to do some reverse sewing last night as I messed up the border on the black star.As you can see my sewing space is a big mess! Hope evryone else had a good Queen's birthday. Love that we get the day off.
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