Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bumble bee and Easter rabbit are joining the picnic

As there are so many rabbits today, here is the rabbit I bought for DD1 for some achievement that she made. Don't know if it was for dancing or school work or what and the fount of all remembering ( DD1) also can't remember. Joining her is my bumble bee bear that I made from a kit.Join the others on the picnic here Need more help on Picasa, Mel cos I have forgotten how to get my photos off the camera. Hope you all enjoy the picnic.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The" gangstas "are in town

I hope no-one minds but today Bonnie and Clyde would like to join in the teddy bear's picnic. They are about3.5 inches tall and as you can see not very " gangsta" like. They are , I think, quite sweet and I don't think they'll steal anything they shouldn't. Visit other picnickers at Melody's here and hopefully Mel will be able to join in the fun again soon. Rest up and get better soon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My March hexies

Today I got two beautiful hexies from Sunny in USA My colours are blue or purple petals and yellow or cream centres. As you can see Sunny sent one of each and I just love them and being part of this group. I need to find myself a box to put the finished ones in as my "working " tin is overflowing with fabrics, thread and papers.
The card Sunny sent says" When life throws you scraps, make a quilt" and life is sending me a few scraps at the moment so...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Thoughts for our Dear Melody

This is for Melody who is feeling pretty darn lousy at the moment:
Melody you are our Tuesday Treasure!

Maybe you are feeling a little anxious, apprehensive or yucky?

This is to remind you that no matter how young

Or how old you are

Smiling is the best medicine of all!
We love you and are sending all of our big, broad, toothy or gummy, cheery, silly and special smiles to you

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monbulk Quilt Show

Today Liz drove Melody and I in her lovely car to Monbulk, a pretty little village in the Dandenong Ranges to attend the Quilt show proudly presented by Karen Martin of Mrs Martins Quilt shop. Proceeds of the show will be going to the Monbulk CFA. We arrived early enough to be in the first 100 people, and recieved a show bag of goodies when we paid the five dollar entry fee. The Quilts and hand craft on display were beautiful, very hard to choose one Quilt to vote for in the viewers choice. We also had the pleasure of meeting local designer Gail Pan who was showcasing some of her popular designs. The sun was shining, there were lots of other stalls from local community  groups, and of course delicious Devonshire Tea. What a lovely time we had, Thank you Liz, and all concerned.

Postcard and a quilt for B and D

This is the postcard I got in the mail and tried to photo. The joys of the daylight. This is the front
This is the back, don't you love "Baalamb"?
This is the BOM from Homespun " Life is a celebration" in honour of Ovarian cancer. My sister-in-law lost her sister-in-law last year to this terrible disease and as the anniversary is soon I'm giving this quilt to B and her husband as a memory of K. it was made out of scraps that I had in my stash, quilted all over by Leanne Kaufmann and will be presented next weekend.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just sitting waiting to go to the picnic

Here is a Melody pattern bear that I made ages ago, so long ago I can't remember her name... so help me out here Mel. She is just sitting patiently for me to take her to the picnic and as I have worked this morning I'm a bit late so I hope you saved some food. I love the fact that she turned out just the way the pattern said she should and my Sweet Sherry sits on her lap most days. Thanks for the pattern Mel and the picnic.

I also got a lovely postcard in the mail today that I tried to take a photo of but it just wouldn't come out. Anyway, it's from Andi and she bought it at a flea market in England.It's a picture of Hampstead, the home of Keats and on the back it reads" 29, Carlingford Rd N.W 3, Dear Baalamb,
Will you bring your C book with you on Sunday, will explain when I see you. What lovely weather while we were in Derbyshire. Yours May" The address is Mrs Balaam, 87,Barnsbury St, Liverpool? London ( in pencil) N1 I can't see a date but the stamps are 2x1d and probably King George on them. Thank you Andi ,it's fantastic but I so want to know what a C book is and why May wants her to bring it. Intriguing!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Village Quilters

Hello Village Quilters and Bloggers, thiis post is just to say I think I have mastered this at last, after many tries in the past. Next thing I must learn is to post pictures. Best wishes Briar Rose

We are at Dianne's

The girls are all here and we talked to Dot. She is doing well and now we need to show Rose how to post!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here is block 3 I think of JPN

Here is the last of the four blocks that I needed to make for March JPN. Having seen another lot of four I am a bit intimidated as they are gorgeous and mine I always look at with a critical eye. Anyway this block is sitting on my choice of fabrics so you can see where I am going.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm bringing the Tim Tams

Thanks again Mel for inviting us to a picnic. This week I'm bringing "Tim" and" Tam" I spotted a picture of them in a magazine and fell in love with them. Was going to buy a kit to make them but then I visited a bear show and there they were just begging to come home with me. They came in their little box as well so they have somewhere to sit together. Melissa Kemp is the maker and I must have had them at least 10 years as their tags say 2000 on them. Any TimTam is good for me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The journey begins...

Yesterday, after lots of contemplation ( and finally finishing the centre piece of my Mocha Quilt) I started the first 3 blocks for "Just Plain Nuts" I thought I'd only get 2 blocks done but managed 3 out of the four I have to do before 16th March. From left to right block 3, I love this one, block 2 in the middle is one I may have to do again as I'm not so sure about it at all and it has to be the one that with****** Y seams ( hate hate them!) and block 1 is okay. Still will need more fabrics so that's my excuse for a visit to the quilt shop in Canberra when I go and see DS1 next weekend. So 3 down 46 to go and then maybe a Mariner's compass in the centre... eeek

Thursday, March 3, 2011

18th Birthday quilt

Silly me ,made a quilt for a friend of my youngest son's 18th birthday. DS2 said" you do know that R has an 18th this year don't you?" Hmmmm does this mean he would like a quilt too. The answer was yes and I had 2 weeks to make it. Thanks to Jane at " Want it Need it Quilt" I got two charm packs very quickly and a bit of calico and homespun later we have a quilt. Today is the day that is R's birthday so he's coming here soon to get it. The two photos show the layout of the charm pack and the finished product, I love it and just hope he does too. The writing at the top says Happy 18th birthday in "street writing" and DS2 and his girlfriend have now signed the calico so it's a pretty good b/day card!

Beechwood wants to join the picnic

This is my bear "Beechwood" made by a lady who,along with her sister and niece in law, were involved in The Village Bear Maker. This shop is now sadly not with us but many of us who made bears there now sew quilts together which is how the name of Village Quilter's got it's name. Beechwood is made of a pale green german mohair and he's a lovely reminder of a lady I now only hear tales about. Hope you all enjoyed the picnic today, even here in sunny Australia it's a bit chilly