Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Building blocks finish and a surprise...

Blocks 5-8 of Dear Jane.

Building blocks quilt along is complete. I am so very happy with this and I am 12.5 months ahead of schedule as the 18th birthday isn't until April next year.

The back... almost a double sided quilt and you can see the quilting better.

This young man made his appearance on Monday at 11.53 am after a fairly quick labour. Dad looks so proud here and I just love the photo SIL doing all the correct things. DD1 was exhausted and looks it so will save a family photo for after Easter when I hope to get a 4 generational snapshot.

Here he is , all 8 lb 15 oz of him.(and 5 days early)

Cos my computer was throwing a wobbly, here are blocks 1-4 of Dear Jane.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All the blocks are done

4 house blocks...

.. last two stars...

.. 4 wonky stars (these were a pain to mark so the may be a bit different to Leah's pattern....

... the corner blocks. Top left I added a few flowers and butterflies to my basket( didn't want to do matrix) and the one with all the circles.... well a border was enough for me and I once again added spirals to the ones that weren't as round as they could be!.
 I have started putting them together and have the fabric for the cover strips. Lucky for me Kilmore is on tomorrow so once again I will be using the bias maker , as long as I get the strips sewn before I head off. I have changed the orientation of the bottom baskets... having cut too much off the background on one, i have made it so that the binding goes on that side.  Think it will still look ok. Stay tuned for the big reveal.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Bump to bump..

So one cousin to another... DD1 and her cousin at the baby shower yesterday. DD1 is now 37 weeks and Niece is 35 weeks so I wanted a bump to bump photo.So different in the way they are carrying so it will be interesting to see what they both produce. Not long now and this Gramma to be is very excited.

Here are some more of my Building Blocks Quilt along. Love the stars one and the one above it. I am even happy with the stippling and the circles on the other two. Love that Leah says if you aren't happy with a circle then just chuck in a spiral and that hides a multitude of mistakes.

I did change one of these, it had a wiggly spiral all through it but as I couldn't mark it I just put squiggles in the blue bits.My circles improved on these ones and so did my stippling so yes the practise is helping. Sad that I have cut some of the backing fabric when trimming the blocks but I will get round that.Think I am over the halfway mark now but they are getting a little more complicated, so not sure how I will go. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

and another 1( or 10 ) bite the dust

More Building Blocks Quilt Along blocks. These were fun to do.

Stippling is not my favourite thing but it didn't come out too badly. Not that it is clear but the stippling on the black I did do free hand.

Not happy with the spirals but I am not reverse stitching. Again they were all fun to do. I have trimmed them for stitching together and have the next lot marked and ready to try fmq on. Think I am improving but I don't think I will ever be brilliant!.