Tuesday, March 1, 2016

and another 1( or 10 ) bite the dust

More Building Blocks Quilt Along blocks. These were fun to do.

Stippling is not my favourite thing but it didn't come out too badly. Not that it is clear but the stippling on the black I did do free hand.

Not happy with the spirals but I am not reverse stitching. Again they were all fun to do. I have trimmed them for stitching together and have the next lot marked and ready to try fmq on. Think I am improving but I don't think I will ever be brilliant!.


  1. I think they are looking great... Lots of variety. Your confidence should be growing

  2. Well done Liz,
    It's all practice and I think your quilting looks really good.

  3. Just had a lovely time looking over the posts back to January. Fantastic work - you are inspiring me! :)