Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Dear Jane

All up to date with Dear Jane blocks. Not a one was what I consider easy , but bottom right was the hardest to get my head around. Once I realised that I could cheat and satin stitch the star I was ok, and I did this one first. Really do not know how Jane Sickle managed it by hand , using scissors and in poor light.  My DJ will be " based loosely on the quilt by"

Rosette 10a of the millefiore. Forgot to take a photo before I joined it. This is at the bottom and so I am at the edge of the quilt. 10 b is on the way and is very bright. Can't wait for it to be done and then I can reveal it in all it's scrappy glory!!

Two little octopods ( according to DS2). These are a just in case for a friend who will welcome twin GD any time soon. Mum loved the owl and giraffe but these will only go to her if her babies need them. Huge thanks to Rosalie for sewing the faces.

Monday, October 23, 2017

11 done 4 to go

Once again the camera is playing silly games. Here is rosette 10b for the millefiore but it goes with the right at the top.After 11a and 11 b , there is one that is only 3 hexies big. Cannot wait for that one. Still working on Perpetually Hexie but that is slow as I had my week up in Qld,

Scuse the background but I was racing out to give these two critters away and just needed a photo.A friend's daughter is having twins so these are going to her for her babies. As they may be born a little early I am also crocheting two little octopuses ( octopi???) Story too long so google will explain.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Catching up

The quilt show was in town... Brisbane that is and I flew up and joined these lovely ladies for a day shopping and gazing at some amazing quilts. So good to catch up with Michelle and to meet Fiona (Bubz rugz) and Jeanette. I was very circumspect in my buying as I knew I had limited weight to bring back to Melbourne. Great day ladies Thanks.

You know how I love butterflies.

Freedom to fly, Rosalie.

Hexies... can't go past them,

Fell in love with this one but know I will never do anything like it.

We all know who this is. So striking in it's simplicity , yep the dark areas are just dots!

Striking combination of colours.

Bit out of order but these are my September Dear Jane blocks. Gold star Andrea???

Rosette 10 a , Millefiore quilt along.

Back to Qld. I said to Fiona that I wouldn't get to Toowoomba to the Quilters Angel which is why I had to see their stall at the show. Thursday DD2 says" why don't we drive to Toowoomba? " so we did and I visited the Quilter's Angel in it's village green setting. Ate lunch at a cafe on the other side of the green. Beautiful.

The real reason I went up to Brisbane. DD2 lives there and I only see her every 3 months or so. Must admit it was a good excuse to visit the show as well though.