Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the AHHH's keep on coming

Here are some more of the AHHH's that I have completed. I do love them. Not so sure about one of these but if I don't like it when I finish them all I don't have to use it. I have the next one all ready to go and then Tonya will put up another one!

A commentor asked about the papers I used.. I got the page from Tonya or go to /graph paper/hexagonals and you should get the same paper we are using. I print out onto card so I can just cut and use. I bought a stack of cards, put it somewhere safe and do you think I can find it????? NO. I have enough printed for about 4 more then I am stuck. Officeworks here I come.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

more AHHH hexies

As I have the camera all set up thought I would post the last couple of AHHH hexies. I am still two behind but as DD2 has been in hospital I haven't had a chance to sew them. I have the papers all set to go I just need to choose the fabric. Does anyone else have that dilemma?

I am almost up to date with the Just Takes 2 blocks and the next one is a doozy! Then of course there is the Just Plain Nuts that I have 5 ,yes just 5 ,blocks left to sew. Add to the list the My Town blocks , 5 to go ( ie corners and centre) plus the myriad of UFO's. Can someone invent a 36 hour day so I can catch up PLEASE.