Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The next installment

As I have been away I had two months of IceCream Soda blocks to do when I got home. One month....

second month. I now have 4 rows done. Obviously I can't join them till all are done as some of the colours may clash but that is the progress so far!

A friend from dancing is going to be a grandmother in August so I did this panel for her grandy. Mainly followed the outlines but the pram has some wishbones and the borders have some FMQ thanks to inspiration from Angela Walters.

This is a kit I bought in Skagway, Alaska. We saw hummingbirds in Butchart Gardens Victoria, and as they represent DD2's donor they hold a special place in my heart. So beautiful seeing them in real life.

This I bought in Juneau ,Alaska... when we saw Glacier Bay all I could think was, this is my quilt. Hope I can do it justice. There is a panel with a bald eagle flying and that is in there. We did see a lot of them so these are my memories of a fabulous trip to Canada and Alaska.

Quilt labels from Skagway and Whale's Tail shop in Ketchikan. Not sure how I'll use them but they had to come home with me.