Tuesday, October 18, 2011

These are the Sept blocks from Larissa. Beautiful card that she took the front photo for. This is for the Quilt block swap Australia that melody and I are both in.
This is the block that I sent to Brenda in Ohio, called "storm at sea" It's a very clever block as it has curves but it really only has straight lines.

Here are my August hexies from Leslie in Canada. They are well travelled as they have been from Canada to Australia ,back to Canada and finally here at my home,I love the angel card that Leslie sent.
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Communiyt Treasures

Today I have two community treasures to share, this wonderful mosaic seat close to the school safety crossing is dedicated to our crossing supervisor. I live in the same street as the Primary school and not far from the Secondary College, so see the great job Geoff does, he is such a friendly, happy man so good at his job, he knows all the students and local adults who use the crossing by name, all get a friendly greeting. Geoff is so well known in the area, passing motorists give him a toot and wave. He is a real treasure.

The seat has messages of love and peace, and a very good likeness of Geoff. The plaque below tells the stoy of the seat. Thank you Melody for the opportunity to share our Treasures.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here is Justin sitting out enjoying the beautiful sunny day we are having in Melbourne. He is a Hillbrook bear made from tipped mohair. I love his beret makes him look very dashing and it will keep the sun out of his eyes. Anyone who knows me will know why he came home with me. Blue is my favourite colour. Join other picnickers here. great day for a picnic

Teddy Bears Picnic

Meet Lily, she would love to come to the Picnic today, it is a lovely sunny day in Melbourne, perfect for a picnic, I made Lily from a Mariette Noorman design, she has a chubby tummy, and in her check smock I always thought she looks a little bit pregnant,L.O.L.

Now for something a bit different, this prickly little fellow might not be welcome on the picnic, but yesterday evening my husband saw him (or her) strolling across our road, up near the corner of a busy main road, after quite a lot of friendly persuasion we managed to get him into a box, and took him for a drive down to the end of our road and released him into the scrub near the Plenty River.

We have never seen an Echidna in our suburban area before, and wondered how far he had walked to get there.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure

A couple of weeks ago DH showed me a bird's nest that was tucked away on the fence behind some lattice plastic. We peered in and there were 3 tiny blue speckled eggs. The next day there were 4. A couple of days ago mum had flown off so I thought I'd look in and check the eggs. Dumb me saw some black fluff and thought "Oh no the eggs have gone mouldy" then I looked a bit closer. There were 3 chicks nestled top to toe in the nest. This is nota very good photo as I'm a bit too short to get above the nest but you can just see the chicks. I think the 4th egg failed to hatch. You can just see the egg under one of the babies.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Town Tea House finished

Here is the Bronwyn Hayes block from My Town all finished.... well as finished as it can be given that I'm not doing the shading( well not yet .. may go back and do it later) I changed a few things from the original,.... the buttons ,menu and signs but that is the beauty of this that it's something individual. I love this block and is probably my favourite. Just need this month's copy of Homespun which is in the shops but as a subscriber I have yet to receive, so I can start on the Town hall ( had a sneak peek at a friend's copy!)