Saturday, May 28, 2016

I've been everywhere, man

Warning LOTS of photos... Colosseum in Rome

Trevi Fountain

Pisa... leaning tower of... iconic photo!

Bridge of Sighs Venice

Pompeii.. Roman soldier lookalike maybe

Tunnel of Love around Capri

Atomium in Brussels ( DH was a physicist in a previous life ie pre retirement)

Pyramid at the Louvre

Le Tour Eiffel

Moulin Rouge windmill... somehow I was expecting bigger.

THE bridge at Monet's garden. So beautiful

The reason for the trip DS2( trying to avoid having his photo taken)

The other reason... my big brother had a significant birthday and we were there to help celebrate. This is at the station as I said bye, Stockport is the town I was born in.

London and yes they still have working ??? phoneboxes.

The best reason for coming home, our beautiful grandson on Grampa this morning. He has grown soooo much in 5 weeks.
We loved being away, catching up with the son, my family and even some old school friends but it was so nice to "sleep" in my own bed last night. I say sleep as it was hard to get to sleep but when 10.45 dawned I was a bit shocked. Now back to wet and cold Melbourne but couldn't be happier.