Monday, August 29, 2016

Aug Dear Jane blocks

The August Dear Jane blocks. Bottom right was a challenge but after I got my head in the right space I got it. I was going to leave off the bit that makes it look like there is a square on a square but as the song goes" with a pencil and a pad, I figured it out" Am really loving the way this is going.

 Bought this kit at my local quilt shop as some of the sewing group were making them. Hmm how to make it so that the edges all meet??

 As you can see I did it. Lots of glue and a bit of glove stitch and it's finished.

Side on with the buttons. Filled with choccies on Christmas day, that may be my only concession to festivities. I don't go all out at Christmas I'm afraid.

The obsession grows. I have knitted 7 more hats, one pair of socks/ slippers ( green at the bottom) to give to NOTYQ, and the squares are for Rosalie to give to her craft group. This is a small group but the person running it wants to make blankets for elderly people. With only six or so in the group lots of squares will need to be knitted by each one so I thought I'd use up the scraps from the hats. These are so easy to do that I just sit at night doing them. Need to do at least 3 more pairs of the socks and will then get back to the squares. I can never say I am bored!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Oh what a day...

Yesterday I had the best day. I met the lovely Shez, Anne and Barb at Millrose Cottage in Ballan. I was lucky to have Rosalie keep me company as I have never made the trip to Ballan by myself. What a great day we had. We met at 10.30, fabric shopped, visited the farmer's market and then had a zest burger for lunch. Our lunch stretched from 11.45 to 2.45 as the talk just never wavered. Thanks ladies I so enjoyed meeting you all and can't wait for the next adventure.

This is the fabric that came home with me to make the cushion cover for DD2's stitchery. Barb and I went halves on the meterage.

We visited a great store after our lunch and as you can see this butterfly snuck into my bag to come home with me. Very reasonably priced and the two guys in the shop were a laugh a minute!

Shez gave me this cute pair of earrings as a hello friend( I gave her one of my crocheted butterflies) Not a good photo but.... I aim to wear them at my next Kilmore and NOTYQ meetings.

My beautiful GS in a dinosaur hat tha,t courtesy of Spotlight , I made for him a couple of weeks ago. It is so cute and I think he looks adorable but then I am biased.

"Hey what you looking at Gramma? "