Friday, December 27, 2013

GenX quilt.. and more

 It is a good job that I have a tall son and a slightly shorter hubby or I wouldn't get a photo of any quilt! This is the GenX quilt that was a freebie on the internet this year. I got it back from the quilter(thank you Leanne) on Friday, stitched the binding down on Saturday and gave it to DH niece on Sunday. It has a butterfly design on the quilting and overall I am very happy with it. The niece was pretty chuffed with it as well. I figure that people may as well enjoy my quilts while I am still around to see them enjoying.
 At the Kilmore show I was sort of coerced into buying these butterfly blocks. 14 in all, 4 completely sewn, 3 half sewn and the rest stuck on to the fabric.When I was paying for them I also was given the other butterfly fabric so was able to make up two blocks and make the quilt square. I so like symmetry. I have quilted this myself using the modular quilting technique and I think that I am improving my skills in that area, so much so that I am in the middle of doing "My Town" in the same way. This is for another of DH's nieces who when I told her she was getting a quilt said" I have wanted one of your quilts for such a long time" so I know that it will be appreciated. Not giving this one away until I have shown the person who started the blocks the finished quilt.
 QBSA 12" block frome Helene. Aren't those embroideries great.
 Last Monday I dropped thses off to my 6" swap partner, Kate, who lives about 15 minutes away. Really good to meet her and swap in person.
 I was a bit spoilt though as Kate gave me 4 blocks instead of the required two. Love them and they will go beautifully into a Blanket of Love quilt.
 These are also a 6" swap from Jan and again will be made into a Blanket of Love when I get some more blocks through the yaer.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and every good wish for a safe, happy and healthy year in 2014
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Friday, December 13, 2013

What a week it has been

 My baby boy turned 21 a couple of weeks ago and his party was french themed. DD! made his Napoleon outfit and then cobbled together her "maid" outfit. I just wore the Tricolour! After this event he found out that he has been accepted into a  double Master's degree for translating and interpreting. This involves 12 months in Australia and then 12 months in Lyon, France so he is off to follow his dream thousands of miles away. Proud of him but I will miss him. I know a good excise for an overseas holiday and I aim to do that for his graduation in 2016 and I will then visit my brother in UK.
 The left overs of Archer's quilt that is on it's way to NSW for Blankets of Love.
 Even smaller left overs with the remains of the backing fabric also on the way for Blankets of Love. Had fun quilting this one( I put" love" across the yellow squares) I enjoy these as they are small enough for me to manage on my machine and I can practice.
 Thanks to Fiona over at Mum's cupboard blogspot I have some homemade gifts for my breakfast friends. We meet for breakfast every four weeks or so and catch up.... we have known each other for about 28 years. I do love making gifts and these look so good.As we have chooks in the garden I am giving them an egg(called for in the recipe) as well
 All ready to be handed out tomorrow at... yep breakfast. I think handmade gifts are so wonderful.
Merry Christmas to one and all.
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