Monday, July 15, 2019

June or is it July Ice Cream Soda

Here is the latest month of ICS. This is how it will go together with triangles and diamonds as fill ins and the fabric is one of the light centres.. managed to get it fairly cheap.

While I was away I took some crochet with me. Got half of the body done and then had to finish Emma Bunny at home. This is from a book called Edward's menagerie. Cute but fiddly. Given to the physio at work who is expecting a girl soon.

The back... love her tail

 Found out that I'm going to be a Great Aunt again( Hubby's nephew and wife) in January. This is from Theresa Down Under's book Turnabout quilts. A shoofly block dissected and twisted. Rainbow colours as this little girl is a rainbow baby. Michelle, I finally used the fabric I bought in Qld for the border. Struggled a bit as the orange has kangaroos on it and was directional, as was the border fabric and the stripes. Managed and now I just have to quilt it.

Not quite enough width for the backing fabric so I added some more... love the unicorns and rainbows.