Sunday, March 17, 2013

Going... going...gone

 Lara takes the first cut, braid in hand so shoulder length hair to ......
 halfway there and more scissor work....
 to a number 4. Shaved and gone!
 One very proud mum who didn't think we were alike. Hmmm not so sure now.
Today my 25 year old DD Rachel participated in the world's greatest shave. She has been touched by cancer three times in 2012 ( cousin, me and a friend who lost his battle on New Year's Day) so she thought she would try and raise $500. At last count today she has raised $1,570. If anyone wishes to support this worthy cause visit anf follow the prompts to sponsor someone or make a donation. For Rachel search Rachel Kenny Victoria and follow the prompts.
Well done Rachel !
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Ta Da

 Pathways... did a lot of unsewing on this one as I kept getting lost
 Love the colours on this one. You know I LOVE blue and yellow
 Believe it or not there is a pale green on the edges of this one
 See I can put green in. This is very bright and in your face!
 Gracie's Glass. Didn't realise how much white was in there until it was done. Those pesky little pieces drove me mad, glued them and then still had to stitch them. Even discovered I had one little triangle left over. So I am now caught up with the AHHH's so keenly awaiting the next lot.
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