Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lots of sewing going on

Last Monday I managed to sew the first in "The Splendid Sampler" I decided to use up my scraps and pick any fabric so that's what is happening.As you can see I am also starting Dear Jane with some of my fellow Kilmore Quilters. We have realised that it will be finished by Dec 2020! I have done the first 4 blocks but will show later.

This is Jane's block of TSS which has butterflies so I had to make it. Haven't yet embroidered the antennae but will do that this afternoon. The camera managed to turn my photo so.... These may actually end up in a totally different quilt depending on how many I manage to sew.At a meeting yesterday we were shown a lovely memory quilt by Karen Martin from Mrs. Martin's Quilt shop. As I have a grandbaby on the way I thought I would steal the idea( ok Karen was happy for me to do so) and I may intersperse some of these blocks into my GB diary.

The first 3 blocks of the Building Blocks Quilt along from 2014 ( Leah Day) Pretty happy with my FMQ and I think I am improving as I go along...

... 9 patch quilted  ( yes even the straight lines were fmq).....

... Rail fence quilted. Turn your computer 90 degrees and you will see love quilted in one of them.  So 10 down 32 to go. Not so sure about those circles but .

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunny Queensland in Feb!

After an SOS from DD2 I flew up to Qld in my least favourite time of year... Summer. Gets hot and sticky there then but when family calls you answer. Anyway it is always a chance to meet up with the lovely lady on the right, Michelle. She took me to a beautiful quilt shop ( as well as a tour around the bay) where I was lucky enough to meet Joy from Joy patch. Had a little giggle as when I asked for a photo, both of them whipped off their glasses before I could take a photo. 

Lovely flowers abound in Qld.

Here are my two purchases from the quilt shop. I aim to make this quilt for DS2's GF who turns 21 in Nov so these are the middle and outer borders. Could I remember how big the blocks were? No and I think Joy shook her head at me, so hopefully I have the correct amount of fabric. I did have a list of what I needed but I decided I liked both of these so wanted to split the borders which meant probably getting a little extra but it won't go astray.

I was also able to catch up with my cousin who lives up there and meet his two beautiful boys for the first time.

DD2 took me home via this bridge and I thought we were going to drop off at the end as that was the way it looked but I am happy to report..

...this was the other side.

DD2 is feeling much better now after some mum time and I had a great time seeing her. Did get sticky but worth it. Thanks again Michelle for another wonderful morning in your company.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The next big project.. this one. I bought the pattern in 2014 and sat on it. I have all 42 blocks ready to go but when I checked the pattern, which I had printed at Officeworks, it is too small so I am going to have to print out 42 pages again so they fit the blocks. This is a Leah Day pattern. She is such a positive person that she really gives confidence that you can achieve good free motion quilting. I still have a butterfly pattern from her to use too. 

Here are some of the blocks ready to go. It does start with a very simple 4 patch with wiggles and progresses as your skill increases. Lets's hope that happens. This will be for the last niece to receive a quilt. She turns 18 in April next year so I have lots of time. The block with the balloons Leah used some old T-shirts of her son for the middle but the four I have made have the one with balloons and 3 with Happy Birthday so they look good. This is a quilt as you go so small blocks that easily fit in the machine. Niece did ask for black and blue but I think I have swapped the colours from how Leah had them.

I have also started putting this little number together as grandbub is only 7 weeks away( if all goes to plan) The number of times I have had to switch some squares around..... and I still have 2 red squares abutting. Well they will just have to stay as I am not unstitching any more!

Looks like I am going to be heading North on Weds as DD2 has asked if I can visit. She is feeling a little low so sunny Queensland here I come. Hope it's not too sticky!