Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunny Queensland in Feb!

After an SOS from DD2 I flew up to Qld in my least favourite time of year... Summer. Gets hot and sticky there then but when family calls you answer. Anyway it is always a chance to meet up with the lovely lady on the right, Michelle. She took me to a beautiful quilt shop ( as well as a tour around the bay) where I was lucky enough to meet Joy from Joy patch. Had a little giggle as when I asked for a photo, both of them whipped off their glasses before I could take a photo. 

Lovely flowers abound in Qld.

Here are my two purchases from the quilt shop. I aim to make this quilt for DS2's GF who turns 21 in Nov so these are the middle and outer borders. Could I remember how big the blocks were? No and I think Joy shook her head at me, so hopefully I have the correct amount of fabric. I did have a list of what I needed but I decided I liked both of these so wanted to split the borders which meant probably getting a little extra but it won't go astray.

I was also able to catch up with my cousin who lives up there and meet his two beautiful boys for the first time.

DD2 took me home via this bridge and I thought we were going to drop off at the end as that was the way it looked but I am happy to report..

...this was the other side.

DD2 is feeling much better now after some mum time and I had a great time seeing her. Did get sticky but worth it. Thanks again Michelle for another wonderful morning in your company.


  1. It was lovely to see you. Glad you enjoyed your time despite the "sticky"! Once a Mum...forever a Mum. I am sure your visit was just the ticket xx

  2. Glad all was well Liz, how lovely to have a get together with Michelle.
    see you soon R'

  3. glad you had a lovely trip and an added bonus meeting the girls..........

  4. A mumma's gotta do what a mumma's gotta do!
    Hope all is well now.
    What a bonus to catch up with Michelle and joy.
    Very nice spots for your new project.