Monday, November 20, 2017

Ta Da .. drum roll please

Millefiore quilt is finished. As those who know me realise, I am vertically challenged so was having trouble holding this up to show off, so.... Chris ( I think) stepped in. There is Nancy behind holding up the other corner, just hiding!!!

I was then told to get in the photo and you can see why I needed help. Anyway it is done ( thank goodness)and I love it. Still not too sure about the top right hand corner as you look at it but it is a scrappy quilt so .....

Saturday my friend's daughter was banished from her house as her fiance was having his bucks do so as this was probably the only opportunity, I gave her their wedding quilt. Claire loved it and hopefully Chris will too. Told her the stories about it which makes it special.Thanks again to Michelle for the pattern ( and signature).

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Millefiore blocks done



12 B and now to add them to the rest and it will be complete. Well I think I am going to applique it to a border to make it square but the hard part is done. My perpetually hexie for Nov is almost done and I have started putting that together.... one HUGE quilt. Katja Marek has another couple of quilt a longs on the go and the one starting in Jan looks sooo pretty so I am very tempted. Will see how I feel in January.

A friend showed me these bags and I thought I would give it a go. It's called the sew together bag ... the outside,

... the inside...

and the zips opened. All made with scraps, just had to buy the zips. Hopefully the next one will be easier as I know what I am doing.