Tuesday, December 8, 2015

some mail and sewing

A couple of weeks ago, on a visit to my LQS I bought this pattern for a pop up tidy.The pattern contains the elastic, the tag and the spring so all I had to do was follow the instructions. I read through them and decided it was a job for another day.Well Sat last week was that day. I followed the instructions to the letter and...... slowly taking out all the safety pins keeping the spring in place,

.... it came out looking like this. Very happy with it and I managed to use some fabric that I got this time last year(Thank you Karin)

Unfortunately my camera likes to change the orientation of some of my photos.. not sure why but here are all the stitcheries for my little creatures quilt. Decided that grandbaby can have it as a wall hanging rather than a floor quilt.Just need to get the surrounding fabrics.

These little"friendship" bags are going to a very special mother and sister on Thursday along with a rather beautiful glass hummingbird that of course I forgot to photograph. It came all the way from the US so hope it gets to it's next destination intact. The place I got it from was www.glassroses.us.

Yesterday I got a lovely surprise from the ever generous and gorgeous Michelle from Rag Tag Stitchin. Love it all thanks Michelle.