Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Meet Lily, she would love to come to the Picnic today, it is a lovely sunny day in Melbourne, perfect for a picnic, I made Lily from a Mariette Noorman design, she has a chubby tummy, and in her check smock I always thought she looks a little bit pregnant,L.O.L.

Now for something a bit different, this prickly little fellow might not be welcome on the picnic, but yesterday evening my husband saw him (or her) strolling across our road, up near the corner of a busy main road, after quite a lot of friendly persuasion we managed to get him into a box, and took him for a drive down to the end of our road and released him into the scrub near the Plenty River.

We have never seen an Echidna in our suburban area before, and wondered how far he had walked to get there.
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  1. Lily is adorable. I've never seen an echidna ever. What is it? Where do you live?

  2. I think Lily looks lovely and her smock is gorgeous.
    And I am sure the echidna would not eat too much if it joined us at the picnic.

  3. Glad you got to the picnic and I love Lily. Fancy an echidna being around the area. I hope he is safe.

  4. blogger is being unkind. Love Lily and hope the echidna is safe.

  5. What a gorgeous little bear. I rescued a little echidna who was playing on Plenty River Drive a couple of years ago, so they are obviously active in our area. I released mine near the river too.

  6. You are so right Lily and Rag-a-muffin could be sisters and of course I love her.
    How incredible about the glad he/she didn't end up squished.