Sunday, March 6, 2011

The journey begins...

Yesterday, after lots of contemplation ( and finally finishing the centre piece of my Mocha Quilt) I started the first 3 blocks for "Just Plain Nuts" I thought I'd only get 2 blocks done but managed 3 out of the four I have to do before 16th March. From left to right block 3, I love this one, block 2 in the middle is one I may have to do again as I'm not so sure about it at all and it has to be the one that with****** Y seams ( hate hate them!) and block 1 is okay. Still will need more fabrics so that's my excuse for a visit to the quilt shop in Canberra when I go and see DS1 next weekend. So 3 down 46 to go and then maybe a Mariner's compass in the centre... eeek


  1. Hi Liz, Your first three blocks are fabulous. I think they are all great and I would not redo block 2, I think it will blend in beautifully. I'm really looking forward to seeing this quilt grow.

  2. Wow. These are lovely Liz. 46 blocks no less! It will look spectacular when it is finished. I have so many things I want to do and just no puff left at the end of the day. I need a fortnight of solid sewing with someone else doing all the housework, washing, cooking and dishes. Now THAT would be a vacation! I just showed this post to David and told him that I have 'creative constipation' he laughed of course and I said "It's true. It's all just stuck in there and I want to get it out!" perhaps an unfortunate analogy but I can't think of a better one.
    Anyway your work is gorgeous. Good job!