Saturday, March 19, 2011

Postcard and a quilt for B and D

This is the postcard I got in the mail and tried to photo. The joys of the daylight. This is the front
This is the back, don't you love "Baalamb"?
This is the BOM from Homespun " Life is a celebration" in honour of Ovarian cancer. My sister-in-law lost her sister-in-law last year to this terrible disease and as the anniversary is soon I'm giving this quilt to B and her husband as a memory of K. it was made out of scraps that I had in my stash, quilted all over by Leanne Kaufmann and will be presented next weekend.
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  1. Well done Liz, I love the post card, the Quilt is gorgeous,I'm sure your S.I.L will be touched.Thank you for driving Melody an I to the Monbulk Quilt show today, what a lovely time we all had. Love R

  2. The quilt it beautiful Liz. Well done. I'm sure she will love it and appreciate your kindness.