Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Thoughts for our Dear Melody

This is for Melody who is feeling pretty darn lousy at the moment:
Melody you are our Tuesday Treasure!

Maybe you are feeling a little anxious, apprehensive or yucky?

This is to remind you that no matter how young

Or how old you are

Smiling is the best medicine of all!
We love you and are sending all of our big, broad, toothy or gummy, cheery, silly and special smiles to you


  1. Great piccies, best wishes to Melody.


  2. It was lonely without your input today.Get well soon

  3. All the best to Melody , we sure did miss you today and hope that you are feeling chipper real soon , sending healing thoughts your way .
    hugs Sheila

  4. What lovely thoughts. Get well soon.

  5. What a lovely message to Melody :-)
    It's just not the same without her.

    Great to play along with you.