Thursday, March 3, 2011

18th Birthday quilt

Silly me ,made a quilt for a friend of my youngest son's 18th birthday. DS2 said" you do know that R has an 18th this year don't you?" Hmmmm does this mean he would like a quilt too. The answer was yes and I had 2 weeks to make it. Thanks to Jane at " Want it Need it Quilt" I got two charm packs very quickly and a bit of calico and homespun later we have a quilt. Today is the day that is R's birthday so he's coming here soon to get it. The two photos show the layout of the charm pack and the finished product, I love it and just hope he does too. The writing at the top says Happy 18th birthday in "street writing" and DS2 and his girlfriend have now signed the calico so it's a pretty good b/day card!


  1. Oh Yes, the Maison de Garance is beautiful.

  2. Fabulous work, Liz. It looks wonderful.