Friday, July 1, 2011

Teddy Bear's picnic and a tip

Here are two pandas that would have liked to join in the picnic yesterday but Blogger wouldn't let me add photos. The one with the coin around it's neck I made and the other was made by my DD1 . I think they both have their own personalities showing through. It was a brisk day in Melbourne for the picnic, lucky these two guys have fur coats.

I posted about my blocks that came from Robyn and Cheryl... lovely blocks. One of Robyn's, the red had run so, having heard this tip thought I'd try it. I spread Greek natural yoghurt on the run, left it for a couple of hours and lo and behold the run has gone. As you can see from the photo, both look good to me.

On a serious note I am visiting someone I haven't seen in a long time this afternoon. We go back to Nursing Mother's so a good 24 years. Anyway, yesterday I found out that it was her son that was the soldier killed in Afghanistan recently. I'm sure we'll have a cry together as well as some hugs. Hope I can help her in some way even if it is just to cry together.


  1. How hard for your friend and what a tragic waste of a young life.
    Love the pandas and thank you so much for the tip about dye runs.
    Hope to see you soon. Hugs

  2. Love your Pandas, and the great tip about the Yoghurt, it worked so well. I am so sorry to hear about your friends son, War is evil, Mothers don't start wars. Love R.

  3. Your pandas are a delight and I am sure they will be quite suited to our Winter weather.
    I am also sorry to read the news of your friend. Words cannot express that kind of sadness.

  4. I don't know how I missed these gorgeous pandies Liz....they are so cute. I love them.
    My heart goes out to your friend the pain must be beyond dreadful.