Sunday, January 26, 2014

Destination Teahouse

Friday saw Karin and I heading off to The Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton. Melissa Grant of One Day in May designs was going to be there and I wanted to show her my version of her "Thankful" that I had done as a BOM from the Teahouse. It is now very proudly on display in my front entrance hall and Melissa, Marilyn and Liz Stanway were all happy to see the finished product. As a "reward " I was allowed to pick another of Melissa's patterns so came away with her pattern for fabric boxes.

This is another "Blanket of Love" that I have finished.

Yet another one, thanks to my swap partners in QBSA. I have quilted them both with butterflies as they are a symbol of departed souls being in a different form.

Finally "My Town" is quilted and ready to be given away (in April) . Despite a few miscalculations I am very happy with the end result.


  1. sounds like a great day at the teahouse and how lovely to receive a new pattern, another lovely new project for you.
    your my town looks gorgeous and was wonderful to have seen it in person!

  2. Oh how lovely, a trip to the Teahouse…I'm sure the blankets of love will be loved, what a lovely idea to quilt butterflies…My Town looks great, I'm sure the recipient will be very happy...

  3. Oh, Liz - Your quilts are all great - and I really love the My Town quilt!! You have put so much effort into it and it is wonderful!! The Blankets of Love are so sweet!! Some lucky kids!!

  4. I love that shop. Lucky u.
    Quilts are great