Saturday, October 31, 2015

Once again I have been busy..

I have finally got DD1 and SIL's wedding quilt quilted and bound and they now have it and can read all the messages that people wrote for them on their wedding day. Luckily they have been away on a long honeymoon so that gave me plenty of time. I am super happy with the way it has turned out and hope they like it.

This is one that the Groomsmaid drew for them. (I backed it with red so I think that is why it has a slight pink tinge)

One butterfly for DS1

DD1 is expecting and two weeks after that announcement came the announcement of a cousin having a baby so.... this is the quilt I have made for that baby( got some of the fabric in Brissy with Michelle). I just love this and am actually looking forward to quilting it. Know what I want to do so just need the get up and go to baste it and then get cracking!

Babies galore... my osteopath is also expecting so I got this cot panel and practiced FMQ. Love doing this as all the lines are already there.I have another baby quilt( apart from the one for my grandbaby) to do, as another of DD1's cousins is going to be a dad in May.

Yesterday I sat and made 8 bibs out of a towel I got very cheaply. Need to put the ribbing on the rectangular ones and velcro on a couple of the others but they are okay. Not doing this again though! Preferred the one like the ducky one.

This is a gift that was sent to me by someone who gave our family the ultimate gift in April last year.We share a special bond not only for that gift but in our shared loss. Thank you is inadequate.


  1. well done Liz, the wedding quilt looks amazing. I love how you bordered the top.
    gorgeous baby blankets, sounds like the prospect of new babies is keeping you busy.
    Lovely butterfly gift.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, wow never a dull moment for your machine! the wedding quilt has turned out amazing well done, & bubs aplenty... heavens! Don't forget to look after yourself x

  3. That wedding quilt is fabulous, Liz!! And I love the block the groomsmaid (is that a girl groomsman?) drew!! Love, love, love the bunny baby quilt!!

  4. Gorgeous quilt. Love the bunnies and the panel is very cute. Los of new little ones to cuddle soon. Beautiful butterfly gift xx

  5. Hi Liz, the wedding Quilt looks great, I love the border.
    Everything else is lovely too, looking forward to seeing all the new baby quilts as they are made.
    Cheers R.