Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thank You Day

Today is the inaugural Thank You day for all those that gave the gift of life through organ donation.20 months ago our DD2 was the recipient of one of those gifts so from the bottom of my heart I'd like to say THANK YOU for thinking of others in your time of pain and grief. Your gift will never be forgotten
Our lives are going to change again in a few months when DD1 makes us grandparents. This is the quilt I have made for our grandbaby. Thanks to Leanne who so beautifully and kindly drew quilting lines on all the blocks so I could quilt it myself.

This is the back. Each block has one of 3 backgrounds... don't you love the giraffes?

This is a blanket of love that was the scrappy ends from a tube quilt that I made . I also got another one out of the leftover blocks so 3 quilts out of  24 strips of fabric (plus borders) isn't bad. Missouri Star quilt company has the tube quilt youtube clip.


  1. Your grandbaby will love rolling around on that quilt..

  2. A gift beyond measure xxx Loving your little persons very own quilt!

  3. Wonderful quilt for your grand baby!! Hey, aren't you supposed to wait until a few days before the baby is due to even start the quilt? What's up with having it COMPLETED a few months early? ;-0

  4. Gorgeous quilt Liz!
    Such a lucky baby, will never be short of a nana quilt I'm sure.
    Will be thinking of you this week X