Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ahhhh.... it's all coming together

Two more AHHHH's to hopefully complete the next quilt top. Thanks Kris for both ideas. I am not very imaginative.

I have been working on the second top and after what I thought was the last row , I decided I needed another row to balance it. This meant 8 more hexies so that is why the others were made. Did that row and have now decided that it doesn't look finished so I am going to complete the "stars" around each block and then fill in the gaps with the border. Hope that this will look okay and I will then be able to say FINISHED!

Sorry about the side on view of the next pictures. This was a freebie stitching pattern from the Fabric frolic held in January. I finished this...

...and this one. They are both now quilted and ready to be sent to Blankets of Love. The designs are by Liz Stanway and I hope to show her what I have done if I can persuade DH to go for a road trip to Patchwork Tea House on Friday. Liz also designed "Ribbit" which is also done and ready to be given to DS1's best buddy's baby. Charlotte Rose arrived on Monday so next week I hope to meet her.

Practicing FMQ on a panel..Really happy with it and this will be given to DD2' s nursing supervisor. DD2 has relocated to the sunny state so I have to pass this on.

While sitting with Jo at Jeff's shed on Sunday I worked on the bees block of the "Little Creatures" quilt ( also Liz Stanway) Glad to say it is finished and I can start on the next one. 3 down 8 to go.So happy that the spider is a friendly looking one!
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  1. wow your hexies project is almost coming to it's end. WEll done
    your blankets of love are so gorgeous and your new little creature stitcheries are very cute too.
    hope you get your visit to Patchwork teahouse.

  2. Your hexies are stunning!! So clever!! The blankets of love are just beautiful....they will be much loved I am sure...your little creature stitcheries are beautiful too. You have been very productive.

  3. Great to see them done. It was a productive day

  4. Your Ahhhh quilt is how the secondary pattern of the black stars...such cute stitcheries...I hope hubby co-operates for you, a trip to Patchwork Teahouse - bliss!..

  5. Oh my gosh, Liz, that AHHH quilt is incredible!! The black is perfect to set off those crazy lady blocks!! :-)) And your other projects are darling!!

  6. Beautiful finishes Liz and I love your Liitle Creatures blocks

  7. Just popped back via Anthea's blog. Wonderful EPP.

  8. Just beautiful Liz...some gorgeous work x

  9. Wow Liz you have been busy, everything you have done looks fabulous.
    Hope you get to the Tea House, I'm sure M would enjoy Gary's scones.
    I hope H is going well.
    Cheers R.

  10. Lovely EPP work and beautiful Dreams quilt. xx