Monday, August 24, 2015

What do you do....

...when waiting to farewell a traveller. The answer of course is sew.

Thanks to Jo and her wonderful ideas, I have made 7 of the foot slider grippy thingies and two little pouches. I actually only did 6 of the grippy things today but thought I might as well put everything in the picture.The pouches are easy if a little fiddly. I have used my grippy thing and it WORKS! No more looking for the foot pedal when sewing. I am in Heaven.

As I said I needed to keep myself occupied this morning as DS2 left about half an hour ago on his way to Lyon ,France, via Singapore and Zurich, to continue his studies for the next 12 months. Along with his GF , his Dad and I took him to the airport and bid (on my part ) a teary farewell. The endless waiting and queuing was a bit fraught but he got through to Passport control with plenty of time. Having had DD2 leave for Brisbane 5 weeks ago we are now empty nesters and it will take a bit of getting used to but I am sure it won't take long.


  1. gee the big send off day came around too quickly! Hope you are coping with the empty nest and not feeling too sad.
    lovely little makes....

  2. Oh Liz, it is a sad day.... But there is always the phone.
    What a great way to distract you... Sew sew sew.
    These are little beauties. You have done a great job... I'm sure you will be doing some more....