Sunday, April 9, 2017

3200 kms later

DH and I have been on an adventure. We left last Tuesday to visit DD2 in Brisbane, driving so we could give her things ( bike, sewing machine etc) that she couldn't take with her on a plane. We arrived at Coonabarabran Tuesday night, visited DD1's in laws in Ballina on Weds night, Thursday we awoke to " severe weather warnings in the Brisbane area." Decided to stay put as it was advised. Left Ballina on Friday only to be turned around at Tweed Heads" sorry Ma'am, no idea when the highway will re open, it's flood water you know" . So when the ABC announced at 2.55 pm on Saturday "the Pacific Highway will open in five minutes we leapt into the car and arrived in Brisbane at 5,30 pm.
This is the extent of the sewing I did....

...lots of this was done...

... and I was so lucky to catch up with Michelle. DD2 lives near a lovely little cafe and we spent 3 hours there chatting , having coffee and eating cake. I did show her my version of Cherries and chocolate  and Michelle very kindly signed the label so this will be one special quilt. Glad that Michelle liked my version as well.  DD2 had to work all the time we were there so only got to see her in the evenings but so glad to see her. Left a fairly sunny Brisbane on Friday and 3200 or so Kms later we arrived back in wet and cold Melbourne on Saturday. It's so good to be home!

These are some of the Dear Jane blocks for April I think... slowly slowly getting through them.

Not a good photo but the papers are cut for the April Katja Marek Perpetually hexie block. Interesting that this block is 6th April as that is the date that three years ago DD2 was given a great gift so we were also there to support her through that day. We dropped some flowers and feathers into the river at Southbank and thought of her donor.

This is the grey quilt that I made for DH's nephew and fiance as a wedding present.


  1. Hi Liz,boy you sure were on a adventure,so glad you got to catch up with Michelle and that you got to spend time with your daughter.
    Love the grey quilt what a wonderful wedding present it wouldve been.

  2. A very eventful time. Boy has that time flown

  3. Beautiful gray quilt! Sounds like you have had an adventure!! Lovely to catch up with Michelle while you were away and how lucky was it to get a break in the flooding.

  4. So glad you are home safe and sound after your hairy trip north. So lovely to see you. DJ blocks are great and I love your gray quilt too x

  5. how lovely to see Michelle.........sorry I was so caught up in an 18th birthday party I forgot to contact you..........maybe another trip.........

  6. Wow Liz, that's a lot of km's & an adventure to boot, what with the road closures.
    Very special to have had time with Michelle & showing her your quilt! x