Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April Perpetually hexagon

The next PH block. I am not a fan of green but I am really happy with this block.. maybe because the green is a blue/green. Yes Kris there is some Kaffe Fassett in there.

As I am so enjoying the PH I looked on Katja's web site and she did a millefiore type hexie stitch along. Now I love "La Pass" but I know that with my arthritic fingers I am never going to do it but this one seems a bit more achievable. This is the centre of rosette 1......

.... the next round almost there. The pink rosette on the left in the middle is the one this is going to be. I am using as much of my stash as I can so it may not be as pretty as some but I actually like what I have done so far and think that I will get this done.  Will try and link with Anthea at Hibiscus stitching...

Some secret stitching. Thought this would take a long time but managed it on Saturday afternoon. The idea of what to do was the hardest.

A couple of weeks ago I did a class in Kilmore with Andrea and yesterday I managed to get it all put together. Thank goodness for Easter and a few days to sit and sew. There was a LOT of reverse sewing, 8 new blocks had to be sewn and I was about ready to throw it but as anyone who knows me knows...... I love blue and yellow together and I usually DON'T give up, so this is done, again not as good as it could be but.......finished is better than perfect and I'm sticking to that.


  1. Hi Liz,oh wow your blocks are amazing,well done and your yellow and blue quilt looks fantastic,glad it didnt beat you.

  2. Beautiful blocks you have made there Liz, well done on perservering with the blue and yellow quilt, it looks lovely.

  3. You have done a great job with this quilt. Those blocks are amazing too.

  4. Beautiful colours on your PH pieces & blocks Liz... love the quilt, well done on hanging in there with it♥

  5. Such amazing paper piecing Liz! Very pretty secret project and I'm loving the blue and yellows together. Beautiful!

  6. Wow - you have been super busy - but such beautiful work. It's always such a joy to read your blog and look at your photos.