Monday, March 27, 2017

The goings on...

A couple of Sundays ago I spent a couple of hours at a local quilt show. Just a few that were showing. I voted for this one

This was a Deb Layt quilt... interesting. I am still trying to work out what it says.

This was beautiful

After the quilt show, I had to race over to DD1's house as this darling young man was having his first birthday party. Think Grampa blew out the candle. Cannot believe a whole year has passed us by already

This is a quilt that I was going to make for DH nephew but they wanted a grey quilt. Done that but this one is going to DD2's best friend for her wedding.This one makes me happy!

We were given 5 months worth of Dear Jane blocks to work on as our coordinator will be absent for the next 5 months. These are the March Blocks. Have done some of April but as we are off to sunny(?wet? humid) Queensland tomorrow to see DD2 I won't be doing any more just yet.


  1. Love a quilt show! Happy birthday to your sweet boy. Love your DJ blocks and yes it is humid up here!

  2. Quilt shows are always great to see. You will be having some heat in Queensland! ! Beautiful blocks you have made for the Dear Jane.

  3. Great work on your dear Janes... hopefully not near townsville

  4. Hi Liz love the quilts especially the peacock one.
    Love the quilt you made i can see why it makes you happy,its beautiful and your blocks look fantastic,well done. Safe travels my friend enjoy your time with your daughter.