Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Perpetually hexie

From this...

... to this. March's Perpetually hexie wreath. Really happy with this one and thanks to my friend Rosalie for providing the missing yellow. I now have all the backgrounds sewn together ( some triangles left over, and I was sure I counted them correctly!) so hopefully that will make it easier.

I have finished the Cherries and Chocolate quilt from Homespun ( designed by Michelle Ridgway) I aim to show it to her in person soon when we head off to Queensland to visit DD2.
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  1. I love your Hexie Wreath and I see some Kaffe Fassett in there!! And the Cherries and Chocolate quilt is wonderful!!

  2. Hi Liz wow this is so awesome,clever you.
    Oh Boy Michelle will be tickled pink,should ask her to sign the label for you,i am sure she wouldnt mind,it looks fantastic and didnt take you long,well done my friend.

  3. Your hexie wreath looks great but I love your Cherries and Chocolate! Michelle will so love to see it. xx

  4. Great work with your Hexies

  5. Hi my friend - yay, thanks for linking up! Great work on the EPP, that yellows hexy block is amazing, love it! Cherries & Chocolate is beautiful, well done!

  6. Oh my goodness your block is wonderful. Can't wait to see Cherries and Chocolate in person...yay xx