Friday, February 28, 2014

Those AHHH's again

I have been feeling very guilty that I have had about 12 AHHH kits sitting waiting my attention. I have got back into the swing of them and here is the latest lot. While going through the box with the rest I actually came across about 8 more "beginner" kits so by the time I finish them and the 3 advanced ones I will have over 100. Think I need to see about putting them together. Anything to avoid the remaining 3... one has over 100 triangular pieces.. see the one with the green star in the centre, well 100 of that size triangles! See why I am putting off doing that one!

It is fun looking through the box and seeing all the different designs that I have done.Just not sure that they will all go together. 

Enjoy the weekend, I am off to learn how to hand quilt tomorrow. Could be interesting as I hate using a thimble.


  1. Oh, wow, I'm not sure Liz, but I think you just might be nuts!! LOL!! Those AHHH are amazing!! I still have the ones you sent me and I look at them and think - YIKS!! Have fun learning to hand quilt. I hate thimbles too, so I use bandaids, the real stretchy ones so I can get them on my finger tightly. Works for me!!

  2. fantastic Liz,
    you know I love your ahhh blocks. I would not even be contemplating the 100 piece one, makes me giddy thinking about it.
    Enjoy tomorrow it will be very informative.

  3. You are a wizard with those blocks Liz!! Enjoy your class. I wear a thimble on top but underneath hand I can't...I have a callous there now so it is all good lol!

  4. I love seeing these ahhhhhs, thank you!!
    Sure brings me a smile.
    I'll send you some more, and no nasty ones. That way you can just skip them if you want!