Friday, February 21, 2014

So the challenge begins...

On Wednesday night at my sewing group, over 30 of us embarked on an Honour quilt. This quilt will be made of 49 blocks(6.5") each one dedicated to people that left the areas of Wallan, Kilmore,Pyalong, Broadford etc to join in the war. Many of these were young men and sadly they didn't return.Ernest Brown's block

William Hallet Stockdale's block

David Crawford's block and

Reginald Stanley Marsh's block.

With each pattern we are given a brief history of the person that the block is for and some of them are heartbreaking.
I aim to make my quilt so that a rainbow surrounds the centre block which I think will have butterfly fabric in it somewhere.I think that this will be a very emotional journey but I'd like to say a big thank you to Maree for allowing me to share in this and I think at the end of the year there will be some amazing quilts made in honour of some very special people. May we never forget the sacrifices that some made so that we may be safe.


  1. lovely blocks Liz, and it must be moving making the blocks in their honour.
    A beautiful tribute to them though.

  2. So beautiful Liz and I am sure their stories will inspire you throughout.

  3. Fabulous job Liz, wish I could put The village quilters on my side bar, so I could see when you post.

  4. Wow, Liz!! How fantastic!! Will everyone being making the same blocks for the same guys or will the blocks in everyone's quilts all be different for different soldiers?? I LOVE it!! And your fabrics so far are like butterflies!!

  5. Liz, I can't wait to start this quilt. I have to catch up & get the patterns.
    Well done to have them done already.
    They look good.
    I suppose a good cry was had

  6. Your blocks look fabulous certainly got going...I so wanted to actually make it to the first gathering but work intervened so had to make other arrangements with Maree to get the month's work and so far all I've managed is to colour in my "map" so I get the right colours in the blocks each month...really looking forward to seeing how every one interprets and all the finished quilts...