Sunday, February 16, 2014

a present for a friend

On our trip to the Teahouse I bought a "One Day in May " pattern for this pin cushion. This is my version.The top...

The side... there are 3 different pockets around the sides of the hexagon each with a bee embroidered on it. The wings are in metallic thread and for anyone that has sewn with that well you know what a ****** it is. Anyway I am happy with the final version, even though I left off a few flowers from the top. This is a gift for a friend for her birthday.
Seems to have worked getting photos onto the blog, (fingers crossed)still not sure what hubby did but let's hope it continues to work.


  1. lovely pincushion. such pretty stitching on the side too.
    glad you are able to post pics again.

  2. Lovely gift & colours too