Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What have I been up to...

Saturday saw us in Geelong attending this beautiful boy's christening. Dad(Terry) is DS1's best buddy so it was lovely to be invited and DS1 managed to make his presence felt by making the microphone the priest was using go funny! Always the wag!

Last Thursday I decided that I needed something sweet so made these rock cakes that Dawn ( sweet as cinnamon) has on her blog. YUM and they didn't last very long. I have got out of the habit of baking so it was good to get back for one day!

These are the 163 pieces of the next AHHH that I have been putting off doing. Can you see why?

The final result on the left, after 3 days of stitching it together. The one on the right is one of the beginner ones I found in my box. They are both resting on the front of the piece that I hand quilted in my class a couple of weeks ago. Good job that you can't see the size of the stitches.....

... or the missed stitches on the back. This is the back of both the hand quilting and the AHHH. Don't look too closely to either.


  1. what a sweet little boy!
    OMG Liz, have you lost your mind??
    I am going to have to see that ahhh in the flesh to believe it, phenomenal effort.
    well done with your quilting too. Had to click on the photo to see the ahhh and your quilting looks beautiful.

  2. Good memories of the christening. Funny story with the mic...
    Hand quilting is very relaxing. If anyone has to look that closely at the stitching they are jealous. Hexies.......mad!!!

    Well done

  3. Lovely post Liz, great photo of Terry and son, I,m sure Christopher would be watching over them.
    P/S I wish my hand quilting looked like yours.
    Cheers R.

  4. Cute, cute baby!!! And your hand quilting is wonderful to these eyes even after I enlarged the picture!! BUT, you have got to be kidding on that AHHH. It is beyond incredible but now I KNOW you are nuts!! :-)) Glad to know Christopher was there in spirit!!

  5. What a sweet little one!
    LOL the back of that ahhhhh looks like the beginning of a very crazy rag quilt!
    You did it ;)