Friday, March 28, 2014

Challenge part two plus an AHHHor 2

Just a sneak at two more of those AHHH's See I can do easy ones too. The bottom one is called Illusions but not sure that the illusion came out the way I coloured it. This one had 108 diamond pieces.  and I did a LOT of reverse sewing.... just could not get the bits in the right spot.Think I may be a little bit nuts.

Here are the March blocks of Kilmore's Honour quilt. This is Alfred Frank Teakle's block.

Colin Henry Cameron who died aged 23 yrs. 

Michael Francis Ryan... enlisted as Joseph McKinley He has a story to tell but I'm not sure we will ever know it. I am not a green person at all but as I am doing this in a rainbow fashion that colour has to go in. I really like this block though and as I don't have a lot of green in my stash I actually chose a green fat quarter when my number was called on Tuesday at Kilmore.

William Stowwell Anderson who died aged 25 yrs. So sad. This was a challenge as not many reds in my stash went together and I didn't want to go pink... hope this works..and it gave me a bit more trouble. I am foundation piecing all of mine so that they come out the correct size.(still didn't get my points perfect!)
Sewing day tomorrow so enjoy your weekend, I know I will.


  1. Your blocks are wonderful, Liz - I especially like William Stowwell Anderson's - I love the colors you put together. And YES, you are a bit nuts!! Love ya anyway!! :-))

  2. OMG. I haven't even looked at mine. The week I have had I am so looking forward to tomorrow.
    Wasn't home in time to get there this afternoon to help.
    See you tomorrow.
    Well done Liz. Nice blocks

  3. lovely new blocks,
    as for those ahhh's you know I adore them all!!

  4. Great work Liz, I think the Kilmore blocks are great.
    And the Ahhh's well they are amazing.
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend of sewing.

  5. Your Honour Quilt blocks are looking great...all I've done so far for this month is play with the Derwents and colour in...that Aaahh is amazing...great to see you today :)...

  6. I have done my blocks today.
    Your colours look great.
    See you tomorrow