Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some stitching to while away the hours

...sitting in hospital. I have been stitching Michelle's Christmas Tail for a while but managed to finish the last one on Sunday as DD2 slept after surgery. Of course I am out of sync with the seasons so there will be no Christmas fabric around for me to be able to finish this off. Ah well I will just have to get inventive.

Some more of the beginner AHHH's with the last advanced one that I still have to tackle. I had these ones ready to sew for when DD went to hospital but I got to a stage where I just wanted them finished so I did them and then it was off to hospital.

Yesterday I got a lovely parcel from Annette for the QBSA 12" . She also added some lovely buttons, teddy bears, butterfly heart and flower. Lucky me. My silly camera and Picassa managed to not download a picture of the butterfly that I also sewed in hospital. Ah well maybe next time.


  1. that time sitting has been spent well, I am sure it helped calm the nerves too.
    More beautiful ahhh's, still can't get over all those little pieces in the ones you brought over!
    very pretty swap blocks.

  2. Good stitching, nice ahhh's and cute baby blocks.
    Glad your daughter is doing well.

  3. Where would we be without our stitching. I hope you enjoyed playing with my naughty mouse. Your Ahhh blocks are just beautiful x