Friday, April 18, 2014

I got inventive..

..and found some almost Christmassy green fabric (knew that was in the drawer) and then.. yes I found some red stripey fabric so now my Christmas Tail just needs to be quilted and that is something else finished. I am really happy with the way Michelle's naughty little mouse has turned out.

Wednesday night saw me at Kilmore and the next lot of the Honour quilt blocks. This is Michael Joseph Meagher who died in Egypt aged about 26. I really like this block.

William Laughin Looney He went missing and was found after 3 days on the side of the road with a fractured skull. He died in hospital a few days later. He was only 20 yrs old.

Dominick John Burgess died at age 44 after contracting measles and was buried at sea. A disease we now see as no threat certainly was in 1917. 

Richard Thomas Cooke, had a few punishments in his short career, wounded in action and then sent back to his unit. He died at Flers in France aged 20.While I am enjoying making the blocks it saddens me thinking of the young lives that were so tragically lost.

Having made two bunny quilts exactly the same(twin girls due late May) I saw this pattern for Peek a boo bunnies( Natalie Bird pattern) and was so tempted to buy it but hummed and hawed for a while. A couple of days later I was told that a nephew of DH is going to be a dad again in September. What a  good excuse and as you can see I have the bunnies and the 9 patches sewn. The stripey fabric is where the pink stripes go so now I just have to decide on the fabrics that in the pattern are floral. As I don't know the gender of said baby I don't want to put in pink. Thinking along the lines of gold green and cream. Will see what jumps out at me when I am on a bus trip next Saturday. 

Have a safe Easter.


  1. Well done Liz, you have been busy.
    Missy Mouse looks gorgeous, I like those fabrics.
    You do the Kilmore Anzac blocks so Quick, the stories are sad though.
    And your little Bunnies are so cute.
    I'm also looking forward to the bus trip.
    Wishing you all a happy safe Easter,

  2. Well done Liz.
    You have been busy and so quick.
    I haven't even looked at the patterns yet.
    I have spent yesterday and today quilting a large quilt for a friend though. Hope to finish it today.
    Love your bunnies. The fabric does go together well.

  3. great going Liz,
    Missy mouse has come together beautifully and well done on the addition of your latest anzac blocks.
    Love, love, your fabrics for your bunnies it is going to be gorgeous. Looks even lovelier than the pattern photo. Can't wait to see it all together

  4. Great fabric from your stash. Miss M looks very pleased. I agree the stories are so sad and so many were so young. Love peek a boo bunny!

  5. Wow Liz you have been busy...I'm very much liking your inventiveness with the Christmas top...
    So those are this month's blocks - you sure do get on to them fast! I must get my copies from the Challenge Master during the week.
    The bunnies are very cute, no wonder you just needed an excuse to jump in.
    See you looking forward to the day out, the list is started!!! :)