Friday, November 8, 2013

More practise with quilting

 I did these embroideries about 3 years ago and have finally put them into something,(using scraps). I think the original method of completing the quilt is in the ether somewhere. Anyway I just cross hatched and sewed 1/4 " around the embroideries. As the person who is getting this " can't even cut a hem in a straight line let alone sew on a button" in her words I think she will like it. It took ages for me and DD2 to decide on the border fabric! Do love disappearing nine patches.
 One of those lovely charm pack x 3 that makes a very quick quilt. Again this is a present for someone who I think will be very happy with it.
 This was the experiment that failed but was able to be reurrected into something good. I bought a half jelly roll at the retreat this year and wanted to do a jelly roll race quilt. You do need a FULL jelly roll. After doing all the sewing together the resulting quilt was a bit of a funny size, so i ditched that idea, gave the baby it was going to be for the panel in a previous post, and chopped this into two 24" squares. I sewed 1/4" down each side of the strips and sent it off to Cheryll who has "Blankets of Love" They are now with her and I am so happy that they can be used in this manner.
Really must get into the real free motion quilting! Have some more projects to have a go at so we will see what happens!
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  1. Hey Liz - All your quilts are great!! I, too, love disappearing 9-patch!! You can do so much with it. Your cross hatching is great and I love, love. love the fabrics for the Blankets of Love!! Ya know what they say about FMQ - practice, practice, practice!! I need to do the same!! :-)) Much love to you!!

  2. well done on all your finishes. the stitcheries have come together well with those borders and I love your charm square quilt.
    Good save on the jelly roll quilt-2 for the price of one and they look great.

  3. Great finishes Liz. How lovely to get two blankets of love for Cheryll. I love the charm square quilt.