Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bitter sweet day

 This is the "tube" quilt that I made for DS1's best friend's baby. I delivered it today and got to have a cuddle of this little fellow....
 This is Archer being held by my DD1 He is so cute and slept through four of us holding him. He is so like his mum!
 These are my "babies" Today is the second anniversary of us losing Christopher so while it has been an emotionally sad day it has been lovely to see new life in Archer.Christopher actually sneaks into this photo above Hannah's head but the light was shining on the frame so he's a bit fuzzy.My beautiful big boy who turned 21 on Saturday isn't keen on having photos taken but I insisted on this one. Love you guys.
 We all were overwhelmed by the size of his hands and I had to get this to show the comparison in Terry's baby's hand to my baby's hand. Tiny little knee in there too.
So while my heart is still broken about Christopher there was joy in greeting this little one. Thanks Terry and Mikayla for sharing him with us today and I know that he has a guardian angel watching over him.
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  1. You and your family are in my thoughts Liz. Beautiful photo of your kidlets and little Archer is so very cute xx

  2. Archer is one lucky baby to receive such a wonderful quilt made with love.
    Hope you gave him lots of cuddles!

  3. Great photos Liz.
    Archer doesn't look like a newborn, maybe he has been here before.
    I,m sure Terry and Mikayla would be thrilled with his Quilt.

  4. Liz - What a sweet, sweet post!! My heart and prayers are with you and Christopher!!

  5. Liz, that's such a sweet photo. Something to treasure