Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Eastern Palliative Care show

 On Saturday I went and had a quick look at the Eastern Palliative Care Quilt show. Loved quilts that have been used...  All the planes were made using pj's and it was tied and used buttons from the pockets of said pj's. One very clever way of using old pyjamas!
 Jane Austen. Love this one as it is in blue!
 For Rosalie as she so loves Babushka's
 This Japanese quilt was much more stunning in the flesh as the quilting on the fans made them look more like fans. Very lovely, not that I am in to this sort of quilt but it got my vote.
 For those lovers of hexies here is one....the quilting made it look like diamonds between the hexies......
 ... and here is another one. I really loved the path fabric on this one. All in all a great show and a worthy cause to support. Next years show is set for 17th and 18th Oct so put it in the diary.
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  1. lovely pics of the quilts Liz,
    I do love the hexie quilts and I was very interested as to how the bottom quilt was quilted. showed up perfectly when I clicked on the pic.
    Love the blue jane austen quilt too.

  2. Thanks for sharing the quilts Liz...just beautiful.

  3. Wow, those are some beautiful quilts!! The quilting on the red flower garden is so interesting because the quilting sort of distorts the flowers in a very appealing way. And I love the quilting on the white flower garden!! The jammie plane quilt is precious!! And yes, the Jane Austin is spectacular!! Thanks for sharing, Liz!!